State of the art science at the service of padel

Revitacell backs padel and offers players state of the art treatment in modern sports medicine.  

State of the art science at the service of padel

Revitacell a young company dedicated to sports medicine and rejuvenation through modern treatment, sponsored the Challenger at the Reebok Sports Club La Finca.

Juanjo Gutiérrez, head of the Reebok Sports Club La Finca Challenger:

Revitacell is a company that gathers all the qualities we're looking for in a partner, their professionalism, their effort in their search for maximum quality and the care they take of their image and communication is ideal to join us on this project. Without this push that the sponsors give us, such as Volvo, Madraquets or Trendmicro, this tournament wouldn't be possible".


What was the stand out feature from this season's event?

Without a doubt the “GastroExperience” was a success, and it's something that sets us apart and gives us an added quality in that sense. I think that anyone that has attended a WPT Open or Masters and has been able to try this initiative will agree with me. I think it's an aspect that has to improve and has to be looked after better at other events.

The stands were full, there was a great atmosphere and also very good padel. Looking at this success, what is the next objective, what do you dream of?

My dream is to see padel go international, see how it becomes a global sport, an international sporting reference with a strong presence in many countries. I would like to see more competition when organizing these tournaments, to see more projects that force us to compete and see who organizes the best Challenger. Summing up, it would be good to have more competition because it would mean that this sport grows, and with it the projects and companies that back it".


Greta Victori, owner and founder of Revitacell didn't hesitate when associating the image of her company to a sport such as Padel. It's physical demands, sharp movements and high number of players, not only professionals, meant that we had no doubts when opting to back this evergrowing sport. With regards to athletes, Revitacell's state of the art treatment cut down the recovery period from multiple injuries. Always acting as a support and reinforcement to conventional treatments. Besides offering different tools for a physical reconditioning, it is also a state of the art technology and treatment".

Revitacell was created in November of 2015, with its first centre in Madrid and it's growth is taking huge strides. Hundreds of elite athletes from different disciplines have put their faith in it, and the success has led to the opening of a second complex in Madrid, which will be followed up by a further two in Barcelona and Marbella in the upcoming years.

"We're the secret weapon of many athletes", says Doctor Carlos Santelli, vice-chairman and medical adviser of Revitacell. He recalls that all of its treatments, from cryotherapy, vascular stimulation or hyperbaric beds are not only innocuous but also completely open to the needs of every patient, be it an elite athlete or not.

"What helps an elite athlete to play at 100% in a final, or make it on time to that important match, can also be useful for any patient looking to improve the quality of their lives and recover quicker".


For some it can be to lift a trophy, for others that trophy can be to lift their children without feeling any pain.


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