Led Projects official World Padel Tour supplier

Led Projects, leader in led technology for padel court, incorporates as official supplier of the World Padel Tour circuit.

Led Projects official World Padel Tour supplier

In our quest to give the best athletic experience to our players, we incorporate Led Projects as official illumination supplier for our main courts. Leader in led projectors technology.


Their large international experience, illuminating more than 250 padel courts worldwide, has been determinant when it came to choosing their technology for the WPT tournaments main court.


Además, los leds están preparados para encendidos de 24 horas/día ininterrumpidamente y son totalmente modulares lo que permite una sencilla sustitución de los módulos en caso de que alguno de los diodos no funcionen, garantizando una perfecta iluminación de la pista central en todo momento.

On top of that, leds are prepared to be lighten 24 hours a day uninterruptedly and they’re completely modular so if some diodes don’t work, perfect illumination of the central court is guaranteed at all times.

The official World Padel Tour illumination system has been designed and developed collaborating with professional players with prototypes tested in more than 250 courts of 7 countries.


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