Words of the day… 1/16 round

Confessions, feelings, critique... our stars left some words after the opening day of the Estrella Damm Palma de Mallorca Open.

Words of the day… 1/16 round

Federico Quiles after falling in first round: "We are encouraging and trying to make a team, but we find it difficult to play together and engage moves. We must continue practicing and see what happens".


Pablo Lijó explaining his hair cut: "The change in my look has been a failure of my hairdresser because she didn't understand me... I think I'll fix it for next week".


Jaime Bergareche and his feelings after defeating Ruiz-Marina: "The hard loss we suffered in Lisbon was in our heads although we didn't take it as a revenge. The conditions were different, the court wasn't the same, they played worse and we played better. We knew how to suffer in the bad moments and it was a very bad game for everyone in the first set".


Alejandro Ruiz sore for elimination: "Every game is a world, it's been a very sore defeat. They've played really well and we have to keep our mood up. We didn't take advantage of a lot of break options in the first set and that wouldn't let us go in front during the game".


Jordi Muñoz and the rivals virtues: "This couple is playing really good, I like them a lot. They all know it was our last tournament together and we are very happy for the result in this bad moment".


Juan Lebrón enters the 1/8 round with optimism: "We are already thinking about the next game against a very strong couple like Matías and Maxi. We know we have our options and we have to use them. We have a very solid game and we are doing good".

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