The girls also make changes: Ortega and Sanchez together again

The women's tour is following the men's with many changes of pairing. Halfway through the season there's been a domino effect and some players still don't know who they'll play with in the next tournament at La Nucia in late August. Marta Ortega and Ariana Sánchez have announced that they will join forces again, this time on the professional circuit.  

The girls also make changes: Ortega and Sanchez together again

Once the Valladolid Open finished, rumours started spreading of break ups on the women's tour. The first pairing to officially confirm it were Marta Ortega and Alba Galan through their social networks. A project that didn't last long between two young players that seemed ready to take on the most experienced pairings, but the most important thing in this business are results and they didn't achieve them.


That same week Galan announced that should play with Mari Carmen Villalba again, her former partner who was playing alongside Carla Mesa.

A few days later it was Lorena Alonso and Nela Brito who also announced their separation. The number 8 pairing weren't having their best season, falling in the early rounds with bad sensations.


At the start of the week the Argentine player thanked Lorena for the year and a half they've spent together on and off the court and announced that her new partner would be young Valencian Tamara Icardo"A player that I like a lot, that's growing and that's rekindled my hunger and determination", said Nela Brito on her Twitter account.

On her behalf, her former partner Lorena Alonso wrote the following on her Twitter account: "There are girls that boast about being professional and criticizing the rest but then they have no word!". She didn't give any names and it's clear that her future is still unclear and her plans to play with another professional have come to a dead end.

The return of Ortega-Sánchez

What has been confirmed is that the youngsters that won everything on the Junior tour will join forces once again on the professional circuit. From La Nucia onwards, Marta Ortega and Ariana Sanchez will form a partnership for the first time on the World Padel Tour.


Marta Ortega has gained experience in the past few years alongside Lucia Sainz and Carolina Navarro at some Spanish Championships. Meanwhile, Ariana Sanchez started the year with Tamara Icardo on the World Padel Tour, whereas on the Catalan Tour her partner is Paula Eyheraguibel.

Ortega and Sanchez conquered the World Championships at youth level on three occasions and five consecutive Spanish Championships in different categories.

They're friends off the court and that also has a positive influence on the way they approach this new project. Marta Ortega admitted this, underlining that Ariana is the best partner possible to take on the best players in the world.

Ariana agreed with her partner. She was convinced that one day their paths would cross again, the Catalan player said that she was sure they would have great success with their new maturity.

The result of all of this is that the La Nucía Open, from the 21st to the 28th of August, has sparked a lot of expectation and will undoubtedly offer a lot of excitement.

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