Sanyo report: the tough path that forged the leyend

We get to know the truth behind Sanyo Gutierrez's rise to the top

Sanyo report: the tough path that forged the leyend

Sanyo Gutiérrez is currently one of the best four players in the world. Skillful, quick, intuitive, harmonious and one of the most effective forehand court players of all time. But the road to the top was quite tough for Carlos Daniel Gutierrez. Born and raised in San Luis, Argentina to a humble family during Argentina's toughest period. Before accomplishing his dream of being an elite athelete, he had to learn his father's trade and drive a van around to bring home some money. He always fought for his dreams and, thanks to the support of his family and the entire city, he started climbing step by step. He landed in Spain with no money in his pocket and his exquisite padel helped him dodge all the obstacles that came his way. All the way from the Grand Place in Brussels, we tell you the story of how a kid from San Luis became a living legend of this sport.


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