Quiles-Concepcion: looking for a definitive change

A new pairing for the Canary Islands Open. Federico Quiles and Javier Concepcion will try to forge a long-standing partnership which can make life difficult for the top pairings in the rest of the season.

Quiles-Concepcion: looking for a definitive change

Federico Quiles and Javier Concepcion will start their partnership in the Canary Islands. Two players with big shots and an aggresive style come together. The young player from Madrid has left Diego Sebastian Ramos who he only played two tournaments with to make the most of this opportunity, as he stated himself, of playing alongside the experienced Argentine. On his behalf, Quiles split up with Sebastian Neroneafter not achieving good results.

Ahead of their debut as a pairing, we spoke to them about their initial sensations together.


WPT: Fede, first of all, why did you decide to split up with Nerone?

Quiles: We didn't achieve good results, we didn't have a good start in Gijon and that affected the other tournaments. It took our confidence and when we started to play poorly we didn't feel comfortable together and before arguing or going through a rough period, we both decided to split up.

After Mallorca I spoke with him and I said that the best thing was for us to go our separate ways.

WPT: The last match you played in Valladolid was quite "dramatic"...

Quiles: It was like every match we've lost this year, with chances of closing it out in the third set. We won few matches and lost many, but they were all the same, with chances of closing out the match at 4-3 on serve, and when we had to close out the match we didn't. And, obviously, that wears you out. The best thing was to split up.


WPT: Why did you think about Concepcion?

Quiles: I chose him because of his potential. He's a a very aggressive player, with a great smash and is young and determined. I think that right now he's the best partner for me. I can give him experience and hunger to beat the best players.

WPT: What are your objectives?

Quiles: It goes without saying, to win matches and progress through tournaments. To beat pairings that are above us in the ranking because that's where you prove that a pairing is working. The objective is to reach the quarter finals.


WPT: Javier, why did you change Diego Sebastian Ramos for Fede Quiles?

Concepción: It was the Friday just after Mallorca. It was my first tournament with Diego. Fede phoned me and he made me think. It was a good opportunity, on one hand it was difficult because I'd only played one tournament with Diego, but I was selfish. I thought about it and decided that I'd make the change after Valladolid. I'm really looking forward to it and I think it's a great opportunity.

Fede is going to continue on the deuce court. We're both big hitters, we apply pressure with our volleys. With him I'm not going to worry much about the deuce court, I'm going to think more about my side. Besides, he's a very energetic player, he's going to get me into matches, he competes very well.


WPT: Do you think Fede will help you mentally?

Concepción: Fede has the experience of having won big matches and that competitiveness, which I think the younger players lack against the top players, is what I believe I will learn to manage better alongside him.

Besides, we're both eager because we haven't quite had a dream start to the season.

I'm not a player that likes changes. I was with Uri Botello for three years until we hit rock bottom, we made a change and then this opportunity to play with Fede came up and I took it but I don't like changing partners and I hope I don't have to do it again. I hope that things go well this time.

WPT: What's the best result you can recall your partner getting?

Concepción: At the 2013 La Nucia Open. Lima-Mieres played Quiles-Silingo in the last 32. I remember the grit they showed. I watched it live and it impressed me.

They both hope that their union brings good results, to ensure that this change is definitive and that they can finish the season pulling off a lot of surprises and putting up a fight against the top pairings..

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