Leandro Augsburguer: The Argentinian backhand ready to take World Padel Tour by storm

Leandro Augsburguer: The Argentinian backhand ready to take World Padel Tour by storm

Teenagers Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburguer announced themselves on the biggest stage at the Buenos Aires Padel Master 2022 when the wild cards beat Javi Ruiz and Pablo Lijó.

17-year-old Libaak and 18-year-old Augsburguer are touted as the next big things coming out of Argentina, the country that has produced the vast majority of players who have been number ones of the world.

Both Libaak and Augsburguer will move to Spain in 2023 to play World Padel Tour full-time. But who are they? We profile both youngsters, starting with Leandro Augsburguer.

Trajectory: WPT debut, Argentinian number one

Born in Posadas in 2004, Augsburguer was not one to start with tennis and switch to padel. He was practically born and raised on the twenty by ten.

"I started playing padel when I was six or seven", says Augsburguer. "When I was about 11, I realised that I could really get somewhere with this sport. At 14, I left school and started to travel, because all tournaments were far away.

"This is when my family and I realised I could dedicate myself to this at a professional level."

After starting to compete in the Argentinian tour, Augsburguer travelled to Europe to compete at an international level.

This is when he made his World Padel Tour debut, at 17 years and one month old, at the Sardegna Open 2021 alongside Peter Consuegra. They won their opening match, but lost in the final round of pre-qualifying.

Upon his return, Augsburguer continued in the Argentinian tour, where he racked up a lot of titles until he became the number one at just 18 years old.

Profile and playing style

"He is an aggressive and completely fearless player," Consuegra explains when talking about his former sparring partner.

"Without a doubt, his main weapon is his smash. His smash is spectacular, and he likes to put opponents under pressure."

This was on full show in Wednesday's match. The fast court at La Rural was a perfect platform for the teenager to let fly.

"I'm at my best when I'm moving about on the court," Augsburguer adds. "I struggle a bit more when I'm at the back, but this is something I'm working on."

"My strengths are in the attack, at the net and with the smash."

He used his quick feet and striking power to defeat Ruiz and Lijo on Wednesday, Libaak helping out from the right-hand side of the court.

While still very raw, the talent is very obviously there with both Augsburguer and Libaak.


Crossing the pond

Like they did with Agustín Tapia some years ago, NOX has contracted both Libaak and Augsburguer and will finance their move to Spain.

They will start competing in World Padel Tour full-time in 2023, having conquered the Argentinian tour already at their young age.

Coach Pablo Crossetti, who trains Tapia in Barcelona, will take his fellow countrymen under his wing. Training with an elite coach and player will no doubt be a huge boost for Libaak and Augsburguer, who will start at the bottom of the WPT ladder together.

The potential is endless with both players. Every Argentinian padel fan will no doubt keep a very close eye on the progress of these two prodigies. Remember the names: Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburguer.

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