We talked with Bela: “There are no excuses when you lose”

Fernando Belasteguin talked with World Padel Tour after his defeat in the Estrella Damm Valencia Master semifinals. The number one congratulated his rivals for the victory, analyzed the failures committed by him and his partner Pablo Lima and he’s practicing again with only one goal: winning the Barcelona Master.

We talked with Bela: “There are no excuses when you lose”

We are used to seeing him in the top of the podium every Sunday receiving the champion trophy in the court. But this was a different Sunday: Fernando Belasteguin was defeated in the semifinals last Saturday against Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutierrez. This defeat comes after a long time of victories against all rivals and in all World Padel Tour events. The number 1 in the World Padel Tour ranking didn’t doubt in showing up after his defeat in the Estrella Damm Valencia Master.

“They were very solid and we lost our identity. We had a lot of doubts inside the court. I could only congratulate our rivals. Now we have to rest and practice very hard for Barcelona”.


The player from Pehuajo never seeks for excuses and he recognized the great work of his rivals when the game was over.

“I’ve always criticized when someone looks for excuses after a defeat, so all I could do was congratulate my rivals”.


On the other hand, the number 1 understands that people want to see new faces in the top and not the same players winning over and over again. “It’s logic that people want to see new faces in padel, but I will continue fighting for my face to be there”

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Talking about the fans that fill the stands Belasteguin says he has a peculiar relationship.

“There are always whistles and applauses, some people want to see you win and other lose, which are often more (laughs). This is sport and this is part of it. Good thing is when the game is over and people want your autograph and photos, you can feel their love".

Season has just started and we’ve seen the good and bad side of Fernando Belasteguin, who is not used to losing, but he is used to giving everything in the court.

If you missed the men’s semifinal you can watch it here

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