Franco Stupaczuk will play along Jardim until Di Nenno recovers

Franco Stupaczuk will play along Jardim until Di Nenno recovers

Franco Stupaczuk will reach 20 years of age in March and has already suffered a life lesson that he is still processing. "I wish the accident in which my friends were in would never have happened."

Elías' death saddened the world of padel. And he has lived it very closely as his partner within the court and friend outside, Martin Di Nenno faced two complicated operations and now a tough physical and psychological recovery. He still remembers the anguish he felt when his sponsor from Spain called him tearfully to give him the tragic news.

The Argentine player continues in his country the case of his partner, and we realize that the hardest part was having to hide the sad events from Martin. "The doctors advised us not to tell the truth, he needed to be well to face the two operations. It was really hard to have to hide the truth from him because he constantly asked us. But we had to be strong and well to convey in him that strength."

Stupaczuk is confident in the recovery of his friend. "Unfortunately he will not be able to start the season, but I trust him a lot ... We believe he will recover quickly and will soon be one hundred percent when I come back." For the Argentine player, the replacement until you he can return to Spain has been a very sensitive issue. On Tuesday January 26, he received a call from veteran Brazilian player, Marcello Jardim. "I asked Marcello time to talk with Martin and my coaches, it was a very sensitive issue to treat."

Days later he accepted his offer. "Jardim can offer me everything I need as a young player. Experience, knowledge, game strategy... he will be like a coach on the court. I will try to be positive and contage that possitivity and give as much as possible together."

Meanwhile, Marcello Jardim also had to react to the news he was given by his old partner, Juan Lebron, who told him he wanted to accept the offer of Gaby Reca to play together this 2016.

"At first it came as a shock, because all teams above in the ranking were closed. I also found it very difficult to call Franco in similar circumstances."

But finally he called him and the "superpibe" accepted his proposal. As he assures us, "at my 42 years of age I feel like a boy of 20. I think I can contribute a lot. Franco is very organized, has a very large capacity of definition, and is very fast. I think he will adapt well to my style."

Marcello plans to travel extensively to Madrid this season to train with Franco. "We're a new team and we need to adapt to eachother."

The veteran assures us that he is in perfect shape and that he is very excited to start this project. "Franco is a kid with a great future, as all who passed by me," joked the Brazilian as to remove some tension from the issue.

They have not spoken about how long their circumstantial marriage will last. Everything will depend on the evolution of Martin. Nor have they been able to plan the pre season. But despite everything, we can assure you that in the 2016 World Padel Tour combination of experience and youth promises a great show.


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