Four-time winners Paquito Navarro and Martín Di Nenno announce split

Martín Di Nenno and Paquito Navarro have announced their separation as a couple for after the Santander - Cantabria Open 2022 after nearly two seasons together.

Four-time winners Paquito Navarro and Martín Di Nenno announce split

Four-time tournament winners Martín Di Nenno and Paquito Navarro have announced their separation as a couple.

The duo will play the Santander - Cantabria Open 2022 together but split afterward after almost two seasons alongside each other.

Di Nenno and Navarro reached a total of 13 finals together and have won four tournaments, pushing Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán all the way in the fight for number one status in 2021.

While they reached three finals and won the Vigo Open in the current season, Di Nenno and Navarro never managed to reach the same heights as they did in their first campaign.

Eight consecutive finals

While Di Nenno had impressed a lot in 2020 and was seen as one of the breakout stars of the season, the Argentinian had never made a final before teaming up with Navarro, let alone won a title.

Starting 2021 as the four-seed, Di Nenno and Navarro would make their first final in Vigo, where they would ultimately fall to Sanyo Gutiérrez and Fernando Belasteguín.

It was not until their fourth final at the Barcelona Master that they would taste victory for the first time. Di Nenno, who suffered a near-fatal crash just five years earlier, was immediately reduced to tears.

From Sardegna to Mexico, Di Nenno and Navarro incredibly made eight consecutive finals and won three titles. This put them just 610 points behind Lebrón and Galán heading into the Estrella Damm Master Final.

A tournament win would have given the Spanish-Argentinian duo the crown, but they ultimately fell in the semi-finals while Lebrón and Galán would win the event to retain their status at the top.

Di Nenno and Navarro have now announced they will go their separate ways after four titles, 13 finals and a lot of memories together.

However, World Padel Tour fans can enjoy the charismatic duo one more time at this week's Santander - Cantabria Open 2022.


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