Alicante in numbers: Salazar reaches unprecedented milestone, Lebrón equals historic record

Alicante in numbers: Salazar reaches unprecedented milestone, Lebrón equals historic record

Last week's Estrella Damm Alicante Open 2022 left us with memorable matches and saw the number ones win in both the men's as well as the women's Circuit for the first time this season.

Besides the epic battles that were fought out on the twenty by ten, a few eye-popping statistics have emerged as well from the tournament on the East coast of Spain.

In the women's Circuit, Alejandra Salazar reached an unprecedented milestone in women's padel, while Alejandro Galán and Juan Lebrón equalled historic records last week.

Queen Salazar

Salazar had already overtaken Mapi and Majo Sánchez Alayeto in 2021 to become the most successful women's player in Málaga, when she won her 33rd tournament in the World Padel Tour era.

In Alicante, where she and Gemma Triay took down number twos Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría in three sets, Salazar won her 40th WPT tournament.

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This has never been achieved by any other women's player.

Salazar is also the only women's player to have reached at least one final in every single season of World Padel Tour. Patricia Llaguno was the only other player to do so, but the veteran has yet to advance to a final in 2022.

Lebrón's historic winning streak

After beating Martín Di Nenno and Paquito Navarro on Sunday afternoon at the Centre de Tecnificació Esportiva d'Alacant, men's number ones Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán equalled two historic records.

As a pair, Lebrón and Galán have won the Alicante Open for three years in a row now. This has only happened once before in the men's Circuit between 2015 and 2017, when Pablo Lima and Fernando Belasteguín won the La Coruña Open in three consecutive campaign.

For Lebrón individually, it is now four seasons in a row that he has left Alicante victorious. In 2019, the Spaniard won his first-ever WPT tournament in Alicante alongside Navarro, the first of their five wins that year.

Only once before has the same player won the same event for four years in a row, and again, it is Bela. The Argentinian won the Sevilla Open four times on the spin between 2013 and 2016, but it has not happened since. Should Lebrón win in 2023 as well, he would have the record to himself.

150th World Padel Tour event

The Alicante Open was also the 150th World Padel Tour event, counting every Open, Master and Master Final.

Starting in 2013, 2022 is the tenth WPT season, with more tournaments than ever (24) in more countries than ever.

13 countries will be visited in this upcoming season, with Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and France all hosting an Open for the very first time.

With padel and World Padel Tour growing exponentially, we cannot wait for the next 150 tournaments, and seeing where across the globe the sport will take us!

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