World Padel Tour sets the trend on social networks

The first tournament of the season confirms the explosion of padel on social networks  

World Padel Tour sets the trend on social networks

The start of the 2017 World Padel Tour season continues to bring us stats that show enormous progress and a growing interest in the sport. More and more fans are joining the padel community thanks to the World Padel Tour. A growth that was visible on social networks, where the spectacle offered by the best players in the world sets the trend at every tournament. It's a fact, padel is growing on cyberspace.

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After the  Santander Open, the tour had 60,000 followers on Twitter, a terrain where padel was the protagonist all weekend. From Saturday to Sunday #WPTenGOL #Sanyo and #Bela were all trending topics.

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Youtube was on fire with the best padel in the world; the World Padel Tour's official channel had unprecedented levels of traffic during the first tournament of the season. Almost 1,200,000 views on this channel go to show how many fans enjoyed the padel. Besides the spectators that viewed the event for the first time live on Gol, there were up to 240,000 views for the finals alone. A series of stats that leave the circuit at the top of the most visited channels. World Padel Tour became the number one trending topic in Spain on this network both on Saturday and Sunday.


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The viewer stats have obtained a new record in the circuit's history, as they represent a 97% increase with regards to last season's first tournament in Gijon. The Santander Open became the most viewed event in the history of the World Padel Tour. Meanwhile, the number of subscribers on the official Youtube channel has reached 74,000.

This growth was also recorded on Facebook, where the World Padel Tour has over 120,000 followers or Instagram, where there are over 60,000 followers.

Record-breaking stats which go to prove padel's growth with over 314,000 members in the World Padel Tour community. A family which has the objective of continuing to add members, spreading the passion of the best padel in the world.

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