World Padel Tour relocates Alicante and Vigo tournaments and postpones Buenos Aires Padel Master

Changes in the official calendar due to sanitary measures against COVID-19

World Padel Tour relocates Alicante and Vigo tournaments and postpones Buenos Aires Padel Master

World Padel Tour has made the decision to relocate the tournaments of Vigo and Alicante, suspended by the world crisis caused by the coronavirus, in the 2020 calendar. Likewise, the organization of the Professional Circuit has decided to postpone the Buenos Aires Padel Master, whose celebration was scheduled for the first week of June, due to the evolution of the pandemic in Argentina.

World Padel Tour wants to accomplish the largest number of tournaments in the calendar presented at the beginning of the season, although its objective will depend on the number of postponements that this global health emergency requires and the number of weeks available on the calendar that allow a tournament to be held according to WPT quality standards.

Under this premise, World Padel Tour, which is in permanent contact with all the venues and promoters in search of joint solutions, readjusts the 2020 calendar, and will try to implement it as soon as the current health emergency generated by COVID-19 allows it and depending on the legislation in each country where the Professional Circuit will have a presence this year.

In Spain, the organization of the Professional Circuit, in agreement with the venues and promoters, has decided on the new dates for the  tournaments in Vigo and Alicante as long as the alert is definitively eradicated and absolute normality returns.

Cupra Vigo Open will be held from November 9 to 15, immediately after the visit to Malmo, Sweden. Estrella Damm Alicante Open will take place from September 21 to 27 at the Pedro Ferrándiz Pavilion.

Buenos Aires Padel Master, postponed

Buenos Aires Padel Master changes its date. Planned for the first week of June, it will be held in a new one that has not yet been determined.

The advance of the coronavirus outbreak in Argentina, where the Government declared the temporary isolation of society due to the notable increase in cases of contagion and deaths, has prompted the promoters of the tournament in Argentina and the World Padel Tour to purchase the protection of the health of all the participants and staff to find a new date where the probability of holding one of the major tournaments on the Circuit is safer.

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