World Padel Tour breaks its audience records on Gol after A Coruña

Padel was the second most watched sport on the channel on Sunday

World Padel Tour breaks its audience records on Gol after A Coruña

The A Coruña Open wasn't just a success in terms of spectators at the venue, the audience registered on Gol after the third event of the season proves that padel continues to seduce more and more TV spectators.

The stats are solid proof: The women's final between Marta Marrero - Alejandra Salazar and Majo - Mapi Sánchez Alayeto registed a share of 1.1% for over two hours. The peak came at 11h 10 minutes in the morning when it reached a share of 2%. Almost 300,000 spectators tuned in for the clash between the two pairings that have dominated the tour recently.

The men's final between Fernando Belasteguín - Pablo Lima and Sanyo Gutiérrez - Paquito Navarro also broke recrods. The third clash of the season between both pairings recorded an average share of 1.6%, which surpasses the channel's average (1.5%) and it reached its peak at 13:20h with a share of 2.6% averaging over 160,000 spectators per minute and an accumulated figure of almost half a million spectators.

The spectacle of the World Padel Tour became the second most watched event of the day on Gol. Only the highlights of the penultimate round of fixtures in the Liga Santander surpassed the finals of the A Coruña OpenA feat which also trended on Twitter on Sunday morning.



Added to this are the spectators all around the planet that watched the finals on the World Padel Tour's streaming service on our YouTube channel. A total audience that almost reaches a million spectators and that reflects the unstoppable rise of the best padel in the world.

Thank you everyone!

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