World Padel Tour appoints new members to Executive Committee

World Padel Tour appoints new members to Executive Committee

World Padel Tour has reorganised its management structure in face of the new challenges facing the competition from 2023 onwards.

This new organisational structure has created two 'Deputy Directors' who will be at the helm of the different teams within the Circuit.

Luis Torres, previously the Director of National Expansion, and Enrique Marques, previously the Chief Communications Officer, will man these positions.

In their new roles, Luis Torres will be managing the responsibilities related to National Expansion, Competition, Production and Business.

On the other hand, Enrique Marques will be tasked with the International Department and everything related to Communication, Audiovisual production and Media Rights.

Likewise, some key areas within the company have been reinforced, such as the Communications Department and the Competitions Department.

Former player Uri Botello and coach Raul Arias will join the Competitions team, while Ignacio Palencia and José Luis García Montes will become joint-Editors-in-Chief of the Communications Department.

With these changes, World Padel Tour hopes to streamline and strengthen its structure to face the coming seasons with confidence.

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