Three points that aspire to be the best men's point from 2016 on the World Padel Tour

Impossible shots, unhuman reflexes, rallies full of magic, points that make padel an art.  

Three points that aspire to be the best men's point from 2016 on the World Padel Tour

The best players in the world were at it again last season. Unforgettable moments that are etched in the memories of fans. A pure spectacle with the World Padel Tour's seal of approval. Many of those points have already made it around the world, leaving fans in awe. Three of those monumental rallies will fight it out to become the best point of the season.

To find out which of these works of art is going to take the award for the Best Men's point from 2016 on the World Padel Tour we will have to wait for the 2017 Season Presentation Gala which will take place on Wednesday the 22nd of March at Kinepolis at 12:00h. Until then we invite you to enjoy the magic and talent of the best players on the planet. These are the best three points from last season:

"Four superheros that get to everything" (Mieres and Lamperti vs Jardim and Capra) It occured at the Master Final. A rollercoaster of defensive and attacking shots. In the air and on the ground, changes of side, incredible recoveries. Over two stunning minutes.

"More than a set point" (Sanyo and Paquito vs Jardim and Stupaczuk) The Sevilla Open provided the setting for this incredible point. Sanyo and Paquito were looking to close out the first set against Marcello Jardim and Stupa, who were holding on for dear life. Millions of spectators from all around the world still can't quite believe what they saw.

"King Bela" (Lima and Belasteguín vs Lamperti and Mieres) Semifinals of the Estrella Damm Master Final. Lima plays a ball short and Lamperti looks to finish off the point. But the player from Bahia Blanca wasn't prepared for Fernando Belasteguin's reflexes, who extended his arm and got the fans on their feet as King Bela received an ovation.


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