The Estrella Damm Padel Tour wants to 'paint the padel world'

The Club El Estudiante de Alcobendas will stage this special tournament from the 19th to the 28th of October

The Estrella Damm Padel Tour wants to 'paint the padel world'

Will the Estrella Damm Padel Tour manage to include participants from the 21 districts of Madrid, the 179 municipalities of the Community of Madrid, the 50 provinces and autonomous cities of Spain, the 49 countries of Europe and the continents? That's the ambitious target that the largest amateur padel tour in the world has set itself.

Like every year, this tour gives padel fans a new challenge. This time, it's to celebrate a tournament with players from all over the world and prove that padel can bring all kinds of people together. It won't be easy, but with help from everyone, it could be possible.

Four maps have been posted on the Tour's website and social media sites and will be painted in red as players register. One map includes the districts and municipalities of the Community of Madird, another is of Spain and its 50 provinces and two autonomous cities, and then there's one of Europe and another of the world.

Players can sign up for the Open or Senior tournament, which are open to licensed and non-licensed players. There will also be three express tournaments, and all of them will include a men's, women's and mixed category, except for the Senior tournament which won't have a mixed category. The tournament will take place from the 19th to the 28th of October at the Club El Estudiante de Alcobendas. Players can now sign up on the Tour's official website in the "Competition" section and the "Express tournaments" section.

A very special gift and plenty more incentives

The Tour wants to thank everyone for taking part by offering a very special gift: a racket bag designed specifically for this occasion. Players will also be given a badge that says: "I painted the padel world".

This tournament will also include the incentives it always offers: a raffle with Estrella Damm products, two gift vouchers for Shell, a photographic report and prizes.

Padel as a framework for coexistence

Entering the Guinness Book of Records was the first task the Estrella Damm Padel Tour set padel fans. The fans responded and they managed to break the record for the padel tournament with most participants ever with 678 players. Among those helping to break this record were professionals Rubén Castilla and Fernando Pedrote, who played a match with the tournament winners.

The next task was to prove to the world that padel is also a sport that promotes peace, unity and inclusion. That was done via the #weplaytogether United Nations campaign in which players had to take a photo that reflected one of the values of this sport.

With all of these challenges, include this year's, the Estrella Damm Padel Tour is trying to prove that padel is a place for coexistence, where everyone is invited. The Estrella Damm marquee will be more important than ever for this tournament.


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