The best padel in the world is being seen in Gol

For the third consecutive year, the channel will offer the entire season of the World Padel Tour

The best padel in the world is being seen in Gol

For the third consecutive year, Gol will offer free and open for all the Spanish territory the final section of each World Padel Tour tournament. A great news for the fans of the best padel in the world, who will be able to enjoy each weekend of two semifinals on Saturday and the two big finals on Sunday mornings. One more step in the diffusion and popularization of padel as a sport. During this period that started in 2017, World Padel Tour has managed to consolidate itself among the audience of the channel, and has become one of the great bets of the television offer of the weekends in Spain.


World Padel Tour is consolidated in free and open television by Gol with the broadcast of two semifinals and the finals for men and women of all the Open, Master and Final Master tournaments of the season. The high standard of quality in High Definition (HD), together with the promotion of the competition during the weeks leading up to the event, has been key to attracting a new public that loves sport and entertainment to the World Padel Tour.

The emission in Gol generates in turn a high interest for the brands of the sponsors of first level that see in the values ​​of the paddle and of the own competition, a magnificent platform of communication and diffusion.

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And as always the official channel of World Padel Tour on YouTube, will be offered live up to 12 games of each tournament. Give Fridays the quarter-final day, until Sunday with the title dispute. Up to 190 games offered live and more than 328 hours of broadcast that have led the channel to experience a growth of 42% compared to last year.


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