Over 700,000 spectators followed the World Padel Tour's first broadcast on television

The semifinals on Gol reached a share of 2.2%, leading the broadcasts of all sporting channels  

Over 700,000 spectators followed the World Padel Tour's first broadcast on television

The best padel tour in the world made the leap onto national television on Saturday the 1st of April of 2017. The broadcast began at 9:56am with the women's semifinal between the world number ones, Alejandra Salazar and Marta Marrero, and the surprise package of the event, Ariana Sanchez and Marta Ortega. The match was broadcast live and free for the whole of Spain through TV channel GOL and obtained a total of 150,000 spectators. After this came the first men's semifinal between Fernando Belasteguin-Pablo Lima and the number three seeds, Matias Diaz-Maxi Sanchez, which obtained a 2% of the share from midday to just after one o'clock in the afternnon. There were over 100,000 spectaros per minute and a total of 311,000 spectators in an hour and fifteen minutes of play. This broadcast was the third most watched event of the day on GOL, just behind two football matches and it led the broadcast of all sporting channels. A series of stats that after three and a half hours of live broadcasts confirm the growing interest in the World Padel Tour.

On Sunday it was time for the finals of the Santander Open. It was the first time that a final was live and free on TV. The broadcast, which began at 9:55 in the morning, congregated almost 400,000 spectators on GOL. Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutierrez's win had its sweetest moment in the third set tiebreak which achieved 1.5% of the share and led all sporting broadcasts during that time frame. The broadcast of the women's final between Patty Llaguno-Eli Amatriain and Ariana-Marta brought together 330,000 spectators. Andalucia, Asturias and Madrid were the communities that watched it the most with over 3% of the share.

Meanwhile, the World Padel Tour's streaming continues to grow at an unstoppable rate and has become the top trend on YouTube Spain both on Saturday and Sunday. Friday's quarter final action had over 260,000 views, becoming one of the most watch broadcasts in the history of the World Padel Tour.


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