New: Valencia Open sees improved player facilities and qualifying conditions

New: Valencia Open sees improved player facilities and qualifying conditions

From the Estrella Damm Valencia Open 2022 onwards, World Padel Tour has committed to implementing new, improved conditions for all qualifying stages and upgraded facilities for participating athletes.

These improvements can also be noticed from the fans' perspective, as every match from pre-qualifying onwards can be followed live on the live scoring page.

Read about all of the improvements and new regulations below!

Qualifying improvements

From the Estrella Damm Valencia Open 2022 onwards, all matches from pre-qualifying will be overseen by a designated umpire.

Previously, umpires were present at the club, but every individual match will now have its own official to oversee proceedings. This improvement has been made to further professionalise World Padel Tour from the very first stage of pre-qualifying upwards.

Another notable update is the addition of online live scoring for all matches from pre-qualifying onwards. Clicking the "LIVE SCORING" tab on the WPT home page will take you to it, where you can see the live score for all matches that are in process at that moment.

This allows fans to track the progress of their favourite players in the earlier rounds of any event, not just from the main draw onwards.

Player facilities

World Padel Tour has also upped the ante on everything that involves player comfort, on and off-court.

Facilities like the Players' Lounge and gym have been significantly upgraded on-site, both at the arena as well as the supporting club where the qualifying stages take place.

All three courts that host main draw matches will also have their own staff members on hand to provide anything the players might need, e.g. towels or nutrition.

Finally, players will be given a welcome pack when entering any tournament. All of these changes are added to the many other upgrades World Padel Tour has made this year alone as the competition - and padel as a sport - continues its exponential growth.

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