Drop Shot joins World Padel Tour as a technical R & D sponsor

The sports brand will be responsible for technological development in the best padel in the world

Drop Shot joins World Padel Tour as a technical R & D sponsor

A brand with a clear innovative vocation as the axis of action. The technology at the service of the maximum performance for the athlete and the constant research are the hallmark of Drops Shot, a firm that has managed to position itself as one of the references of the market. The commitment with innovation and development has led them to develop a large number of exclusive patents on many of their products. A philosophy that is now at the service of the Research and Development of World Padel Tour

Drop Shot has a presence in more than 20 countries and its intention is to continue with this international expansion. A project that now gains new momentum thanks to the World Padel Tour, in a bet for the most advanced technologies in the padel service.

The General Director of World Padel Tour, Mario Hernando, has indicated: "The agreement with Drop Shot reflects the spirit shared by both entities, that of growing, progressing and innovating with the aim of taking padel to the next evolutionary level. It is great news to be able to count on the support and the impulse of a firm like Drop Shot that will help us to follow that line of evolution and constant innovation that marks the path of the World Padel Tour. It is a project that is sure to result in the benefit of all the players involved, from the players, the professionals and the general public that will be able to enjoy all that development that R & D is going to start up in World Padel Tour with the impulse of Drop Shot ".

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