Behind the scenes: Gol's television deployment [Vídeo]

World Padel Tour shows you the work that goes behind bringing the best padel in the world to everyone's home  

Behind the scenes: Gol's television deployment [Vídeo]

The 2017 season on the World Padel Tour has got off to a strong, spectacular and exciting start. A term in which everyone in Spain will be able to watch the best padel in the world from home thanks to Gol. Another window, added to World Padel Tour's usual Youtube streaming service. The objective is to offer the spectacle of the best players in the world in a reliable and attractive manner. A process that involves a vast group of experienced professionals who have worked in the Champions League, World Cup, ATP Tour or Formula 1.

The challenge is to transfer the electrifying speed of one of the most vibrant sports on the planet. A deployment of cameras, operators, sound technicians, staging and television production which results in the television signal which reaches every fan.

World Padel Tour shows you the behind the scenes. We go backstage during a padel match broadcast live by Gol. From the stands, to the court, stopping by the outside broadcasting van, which is the most important part of a television production. A look inside a padel broadcast.

Come and have a look at padel from the inside on television!

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