Yes, they can!

Bela and Tapia eliminate Navarro-Lebrón, Stupa-Mati, Botello-Ruiz and Maxi and Sanyo in the final and conquer their first title

Yes, they can!

Two couples aspiring to the title. The two best pairs of the Estrella Damm Madrid Master 2019 were looking for their reward at the Madrid Arena, the fourth Master of the season. The number 1, Maxi Sánchez and Sanyo Gutiérrez, who had recovered in this tournament the good feelings, in front of a binomial that was released in this instance of the tournament: Fernando Belasteguín and Agustín Tapia.

With problems and suffering both pairs began to defend their service. So much so that the first break of the match was to come in the fourth game in favor of the number 1. After an authentic hurricane of padel of the two couples on 20x10. Tapia and Bela immediately recovered the lost, with a huge Tapia and a Bela taking control of the game, and managed to complete the comeback and close the set with a 6-4.

In the same way, the second episode started, with long and very disputed points and with the four players suffering to put their service to safety. Instead, this time Tapia and Bela consolidated the break to get even closer to their first title. A break that was going to be final and after an hour and 45 minutes, they closed the game with a 6-4. Tapia and Bela win the number 1, conquer their first title and point to the fight for the throne.

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