World Padel Tour will debut a new format of previous phase this season

This will expand the number of pre-qualified couples for the anteroom of the final table in the big tournaments

World Padel Tour will debut a new format of previous phase this season

It will be one of the novelties that will see the light with the premiere of the new season 2019. World Padel Tour will introduce a change in the model and configuration of the previous and preprevious phase in the male category. With this modification, the new preliminary phase will consist of 3 eliminatory and will have 8 additional pairs that will go directly to this penultimate stage without having to attend in the previous one as it happened until the previous editions. It will go from 8 seeded players to 16.

The change will also move the beginning of the qualifying preliminary in the Master. So, for example, the event will be held on a Saturday morning instead of Sunday as it is to this day. The Beers Victoria Marbella Master 2019 will be the first tournament to launch the new format of the male competition that however will continue counting with the same number of registered couples in each tournament, that is to say 100 in total as it happens in the Master format for the 96 of an Open.

In this way, the prelude to the final table is strengthened and part of the load of consecutive games that were accumulating each time they managed to access the round of sixteen from that qualifying phase is relieved.

International Wild Cards

Another novelty that is launched with the premiere of the new season 2019, will affect the qualifying phases of international tournaments and concerns both categories.

  • Two Wild-Cards for the Final Table.
  • The Previous Final Phase is eliminated, the qualifying phases will be played entirely in Spain (except Portugal and Paris), and the four (4) classified (A-B-C-D), enter directly to the Final Table.
  • In these tournaments, the organization has the power to hold a Qualifying Tournament to award one of the wild cards awarded. In this mode, the players or the different international versions that join the World Padel Tour have the option to add their first valid values ​​for the official World Padel Tour ranking.

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