World Padel Tour and HEAD renew their partnership

The Austrian brand will continue to supply the official WPT ball for competitions  

World Padel Tour and HEAD renew their partnership

World Padel Tour and HEAD have reached an agreement to renew the contract that guarantees the presence of the prestigious firm as the official ball of the tour for the next seasons.

The relationship between HEAD and World Padel Tour began five seasons ago. In this period of time, both entities have walked hand in hand to turn the professional tour into a reference in innovation and technology in the sporting field.

With this deal, the World Padel Tour not only ensures it has the best product in the market but it also shows its backing for constant innovation in a sport that grows day by day.

The ball is a key figure in the game and HEAD has placed itself ahead of its competitors by introducing a new version of its already renowned Official WPT ball in 2017. The HEAD "S" was created in response to those who desired a quicker ball.

In the upcoming years, HEAD and the World Padel Tour will continue to look for first class technological solutions to respond to the challenges that this sport presents.

"Its great news to renew our agreement as the official ball of the World Padel Tour as the success of our ball is, in part, due to the fact that its related to the image that is projected from this professional tour", commented Otmar Barbian, executive vice-chairman of Head Racquetsports. "It's a privilege for us to have the trust of the best padel tour in the world and, at the same time, it's a great opportunity to showcase our firm commitment towards this sport".

Meanwhile, Mario Hernando, the CEO of the World Padel Tour, stated:
"it's important for the WPT's growth to be linked with companies of the standard, credit, prestige and influence of HEAD within its sector. Thanks to the support and confidence of companies such as HEAD, the World Padel Tour can continue to grow and evolve towards its objective of being the best professional padel tour in the world".

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