Watch: Women's three best Malmö Padel Open points!

We have put together the women's three best Malmö Padel Open points for your viewing pleasure in what was the final women's Open of 2021!

Watch: Women's three best Malmö Padel Open points!

It was tough, but we have boiled down all of the fantastic padel from the past week to compile our women's top three best Malmö Padel Open points!

The 16th and final tournament on the calendar in the women's Circuit gave us a lot of drama, intrigue and upsets. More than anything, however, it gave us world-class padel for the Swedish crowd to enjoy.

After sifting through all the games, here are the best points for your viewing pleasure!

Rewatch all of the Areco Malmö Padel Open semi-finals and finals here!

Women's three best Malmö Padel Open points

The number three spot takes us to the quarter-final between number ones Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay against young guns Carmen Goenaga and Beatriz Caldera.

Despite their combined age of just 37, the duo gave Salazar and Triay a real run for their money. Showing tremendous potential, both Goenaga and Caldera will be players to look out for in the future, as shown in this great rally.

Next up, we go to the semi-final between eventual Areco Malmö Padel Open winners Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría against veterans Virginia Riera and Patricia Llaguno.

While Sánchez and Josemaría would win the match in straight sets, they drew the short straw in this rally. Llaguno showed off her unbelievable technique as she stopped the ball dead at the net.

No better place to end our three best Malmö Padel Open points than the final, where Sánchez and Josermaría featured in a match against Delfina Brea and Tamara Icardo. While this point is all about the defensive prowess of Brea and Icardo, the point - and match - would be won by the number two pair.

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