Watch: The women's three best Cordoba Open points!

The women's Circuit offered a lot of spectacle for the past week, and after a lot of deliberation, here are the three best Cordoba Open points!

Watch: The women's three best Cordoba Open points!

The penultimate tournament of the women's World Padel Tour calendar before the Madrid Master Final gave us a lot of spectacular matches, sets, games and individual points, and we have gathered the cream of the crop in the women's three best Cordoba Open points!

The Cervezas Victoria Cordoba Open 2021 featured spectacular shots in both brackets. After counting down the men's points on Monday, we have gathered our favourite three points in the women's Circuit.

WATCH: The men's 2021 Cervezas Victoria Cordoba Open top three points!

We start off in the second semi-final, with a sensational backhand from Victoria Iglesias. As the volley from Alejandra Salazar painted the Spaniard in the corner, she let the ball drop and unleashed a shot that was as precise as it was powerful.

Perhaps catching out Gemma Triay, it won Iglesias and Aranza Osoro a break. It was not to be, however, as Triay and Salazar would close out the game in straight sets and win the subsequent final.

The next point comes from the other semi-final between Marta Marrero and Lucía Sainz against Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría.

All four players were involved in a brilliant back-and-forth rally, with the experience of Marrero and Sainz eventually shining through. A clever volley in the corner finished off a sensational point, although Sánchez and Josemaría would eventually advance to the final in straight sets.

The best players make the best Cordoba Open points

The final point comes from... the final. Number ones Triay and Salazar played number twos Sánchez and Josemaría in a game that was always going to be close. In the fourth final between these four stars, this point stood out above the rest. Just sit back and enjoy the brilliant rally, as well as the other points in this top three!

Those were, in our opinion, the three best Cordoba Open points! Which was one your favourite?

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