Virseda-Las Heras and Yanguas-Nieto triumph in Bajo Aragón Challenger

Virseda-Las Heras and Yanguas-Nieto triumph in Bajo Aragón Challenger

The fourth Challenger of the season, the TAU Cerámica Bajo Aragón Challenger, saw its champions crowned on Sunday in Calanda.

In the penultimate Challenger event of the season, arguably the two break-out partnerships of the men's and women's Circuits emerged victorious.

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Alayeto/Alayeto VS Virseda/Las Heras

The female final was an interesting duel between Atomic Twins Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto, with coach Seba Nerone making his debut as their coach, taking on Bárbara Las Heras and Verónica Virseda.

A battle between the third and fourth seed of the tournament, Las Heras and Virseda were in impeccable form all match long.

The Spaniards won the first set 6-3 and only grew from there. While the Alayeto sisters did their best to take the match to three sets, they would get swept in the second frame.

Virseda and Las Heras took the encounter 6-3 6-0 to win their first-ever Challenger. Another achievement for the break-out stars of 2022.

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Yanguas/Nieto VS Lamperti/Sanz

Number one seed Miguel Yanguas and Coki Nieto came to Calanda off the back of a semi-finals appearance in the Malaga Open, fighting for silverware on Sunday against the winning combination of Miguel Lamperti and Jon Sanz.

Veteran Lamperti has already laid claim to two of the three Challengers held in 2022, winning in Getafe with Sanz and in Mallorca with Edu Alonso.

However, Nieto and Yanguas did not care about this winning record and took the opening set 6-4 in a comprehensive fashion.

The Spaniards would repeat the trick in the second set, again taking the set 6-4 to win the Bajo Aragon Challenger.

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