Two of two for Maxi and Sanyo

The San Luis players beated Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón 7-6 / 7-6 in the Logroño Open final

Two of two for Maxi and Sanyo

It was the Marbella final rematch. The Palacio de los Deportes of La Rioja prepared to host the final of the first Open of the year. The confrontation between the two couples who are in better shape at this moment: Paquito and Lebrón against Maxi and Sanyo. The faces had already been seen in the final of the Master, and the winners then were the Argentines. Today, the Andalusians sought their revenge.

The couple number 1 exercising as such and going ahead on the scoreboard. But soon the players coached by Ramiro Choya tied the match, and precisely that was the tone of the beginning of the first round, which ended without any break. Neither the magic of Sanyo, nor the precision of Maxi, nor the strength of Paquito nor a forceful Lebron were able to finalize the set. Such equality in the forces leaded to the tie break. A tiebreaker that fell on the side of the pair trained by Pratto ( 7-6 ), who came to be up to 5-0 up. Although their rivals cut their distance, they number ones did not give up the set.

Opposed was the beginning of the second chapter, in which the Choya players were ahead. A score that would quickly equal Maxi and Sanyo. Thus the rest of the episode continued, with the two couples distributing each game in their pockets. And, again, in the tie break, the match was decided. It started in favour of Juan and Paquito, but the Argentines turned over the scoreboard and took the second set and the final ( 7-6 ). Two of two for Maxi and Sanyo, and the revenge of the andalusians will have to wait.


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