Triay and Salazar confirm number one status in The Race 2021

With one more Open remaining before the Master Final, the Race 2021 in the women's Circuit is nearing its conclusion. Here is how the Cordoba Open has changed things

Triay and Salazar confirm number one status in The Race 2021

After winning the Cervezas Victoria Cordoba Open, Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay have mathematically sealed their status as number ones in The Race 2021.

It was their fifth straight tournament win and their eighth overall this season. Beating number two pair Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría in the final, it confirmed their status as there is just one tournament left - the Swedish Open - in the women's Circuit before the Madrid Master Final.

Here is an overview of how the Cordoba Open has shaken up The Race 2021 as we near the end of the season.

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What is The Race?

The Race is a ranking, apart from the regular rankings, of just the current season. At the start of the year, every player starts with zero points, unlike the actual rankings, where the past season affects your standing.

Therefore, The Race serves as a good barometer for the current season and what partnerships are most in-form.

The other purpose of The Race is to qualify for the Master Final. The final tournament of the season as well as the climax, the Master Final is the most coveted title of the year.

Gemma Triay won the Master Final in 2020 in her native Menorca with her then partner Lucía Sainz

In both the men's and women's Circuit, the top 16 players in The Race qualify for the Master Final. If one player of a pair is in the top 16 and the other is not, the player who is will need to find a new partner, who has also qualified, to play the Master Final with.

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The chase for the Master Final

With their eighth title as a pair and their fifth on the trot, Salazar and Triay are now both on 12.180 points after racking up 1.000 points in Cordoba.

Behind them are Sánchez and Josemaría with 9.285. As there are only 2.300 more points available this season, it confirms both Triay and Salazar as number ones for the second time in their careers.

In the top ten, no places were swapped following the Cordoba Open. 14 players are already confirmed to have qualified for the Master Final as they are out of reach for 17th placed and former number one Elisabet Amatriaín. Speaking of former number ones, only Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto, currently 15th and 16th, are not yet mathematically qualified.

Looking down at the Top50, the biggest gainer by far is Marina Martínez Lobo, who earned six places to get among the top 50.

Consult the Race 2021 table here!

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