Top dogs get going as Buenos Aires Padel Master round of 32 concludes

Top dogs get going as Buenos Aires Padel Master round of 32 concludes

Wednesday saw the second slate of Buenos Aires Padel Master round of 32 games with all of the top seeds in action.

Alejandro Galán and Juan Lebrón can confirm number one status for 2021 if things go their way in Argentina, with two-seed Paquito Navarro and Martín Di Nenno in hot pursuit.

Here is what happened in the second round of fixtures of the final Master of the season.

Navarro/Di Nenno (2) VS Ruiz/Bergamini

One of the main events of Wednesday was the very first game on centre court. Paquito Navarro and highest-ranked Argentinian Martín Di Nenno kicked off their quest for more silverware against Jorge Ruiz and Lucas Bergamini.

After falling short in the Malmö Padel Open final, Navarro and Di Nenno came to Buenos Aires with a chip on their shoulder. While Ruiz and Bergamini tried to take control in the first set, Navarro and Di Nenno were always comfortable.

As soon as the number two ranked pair started pressing, the opposition buckled. 6-3 was on the scoreboard in the first set, without the duo ever needing to get out of first gear.

While things were more levelled in the second frame, Navarro and Di Nenno found a way through and held on to their advantage. They saw out the match 6-4 in the second set. An ideal start to the tournament.

Lebrón/Galán (1) VS González/Rico

Next up were number ones Alejandro Galán and Juan Lebrón, who made their bow at La Rural against a good pairing in Momo González and Javi Rico.

Both pairs were comfortable enough in their own service to start the match. The match's equality meant it went to a tie-break. In it, the number ones did come through in a big way to claim the set 7-6.

More of the same seemed to come the spectators' way in the second set, where serve was held for the first eight games. Then, Galán and Lebrón found their way through to make it 6-4. The number ones are up and running in Buenos Aires.

Sánchez/Capra (7) VS De Pascual/Valenzuela

Court two saw the number seven seed in Maxi Sánchez and Lucho Capra open their account in Buenos Aires as they measured themselves against Juani De Pascual and Ramiro Valenzuela.

Straightaway, Sánchez and Capra found a break in the first set. Avoiding the counter-break, they built on their lead as they accumulated confidence and momentum. Breaking again later in the set, they took it 6-2.

De Pascual and Valenzuela started the second set by going at their opponents, still hoping to cause an upset at the Buenos Aires Padel Master round of 32. It was to no avail, however. In the eighth game, Sánchez and Capra broke, and then saw out the match on their own service: 6-26-3.

Lima/Ruiz (8) VS Allemandi/Nieto

One of the matches of the day took place at centre court as Pablo Lima and Javi Ruiz locked horns with Malmö semi-finalists Tito Allemandi and Coki Nieto.

Allemandi and Nieto broke serve in the very first game. However, it would prove to be the only game they would win all set. Lima and Ruiz counter-broke and were ruthless after. It finished 6-1 at La Rural.

In the second set, Allemandri and Nieto again looked for an early break in their bid to force a decider. It would prove an order too tall, however, as they got steamrolled again by the dominant Lima and Ruiz. After an hour and 10 minutes, this match finished 6-1 6-2 to the eighth-seeded pair.

Gutiérrez/Tapia (3) VS Alba/Semmler

The afternoon slate of matches at La Rural started with Malmö's winners Sanyo Gutiérrez and Agustín Tapia, measuring themselves against Sergio Alba and Miguel Semmler.

Starting the match inexcellent fashion, Gutiérrez and Tapia quickly raced to a 4-1 lead in the first set. The two Argentinians were not hanging around, and while Alba and Semmler drew level, they were counter-broken straightaway. The first set finished 6-3.

A similar feel was spreading in the second set. Again, an early break, and again, a quick response from Alba and Semmler. The Spaniards were then again broken, and the match finished in a double 6-3.

Ruiz/Stupaczuk (5) VS Rubio/Ramírez

Court 2 featured another Argentinian hero as Álex Ruiz and Franco Stupaczuk squared off against Gonzalo Rubio and Iván Ramírez.

The Spanish duo looked to take charge from the off. Stupa and Ruiz, after overcoming the surprise, went on the offensive themselves. Stupaczuk and Ruiz came back and won the opening set 6-3.

The second set saw the number five pairing in the world step their foot on the gas. Breaking serve, they also broke resistance, and saw out the match 6-2.

Stupa and Ruiz, through to the round of 16.

Chingotto/Tello (4) VS Sánchez/Valdés

The second match at centre court saw the longest-standing current pairing in Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello face Joseda Sánchez and Chilean Javier Valdés.

A favourite among Argentinians, Tello and Chingotto were rampant in the first set. Breaking several times, the Super Pibes won the opening frame with ease: 6-2.

While the second set was significantly more equal, Sánchez and Valdés desperately trying to stay alive, the quality and chemistry of Tello and Chingotto shone through. This one finished 6-26-4.

Campagnolo/Garrido VS Lijó/Díaz

The closest match-up in terms of rankings came between the 12th and 13th ranked pairs. Legend Juan Martín Díaz and his partner Pablo Lijó played Javi Garrido and Brazilian Lucas Campagnolo.

The latter pair of Garrido and Campagnolo started the game brilliantly. Breaking twice from the off, the had a 4-0 advantage, which they held to claim the opening set 6-2 after just half an hour of play.

It took longer for Garrido and Campagnolo to break in the second set. With the set tied at 2-2, the Spanish-Brazilian tandem found the way through, and won the match on their opponents' service as well. This one finished 6-2, 6-3.

Belasteguín/Coello (6) VS Arroyo/Oria

The final match on Thursday in the Buenos Aires Padel Master round of 32 saw Argentinian legend  Fernando Belasteguín and his teenage partner Arturo Coello make their tournament bows, facing Salva Oria and Álex Arroyo.

Arroyo and Oria had already faced Bela at a master earlier this year in Valladolid - when he was still partnered with Sanyo Gutiérrez - where they caused a huge upset by knocking the Argentinians out.

This time round, Bela was not to be surprised again. While it was not in furious fashion, himself and Coello won the first set with a single break's advantage - 6-3.

Bela's consistency and Coello's athleticism were on full display in the second frame. Their Spanish opposition could not crack the code, and again, were beaten by a single break. After just over an hour, this match finished 6-3, 6-4.

Buenos Aires Padel Master round of 32 implications

Here is what the round of 16 looks like after all of the action on Tuesday and Wednesday at La Rural.

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