These are the first movements in the 2017 World Padel Tour rankings

Find out all the changes in the rankings after the Santander Open

These are the first movements in the 2017 World Padel Tour rankings

Despite losing in the final, the men's rankings are still topped by Pablo Lima and Fernando Belasteguínwho picked up 600 points, while their immediate pursuers Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez took 1000 points, and cut down the deficit to 3930 points.

There aren't any major changes at the top of the rankings. Juani Mieres and Agustín Gómez Silingowho missed out on Santander through injury, lose a place while Ramiro Moyanoalso absent, loses two. He is expected to return at the upcoming event in Miami. Franco Stupaczuk has also dropped three places, while his former partner Marcello Jardim moves up two spots in a ranking where Aday Santana currently occupies the last of the Master Final places.

In the men's rankings Diego Ramos (41) and Adrián Blanco Antelo (39) have made the biggest move on the back of their quarter final showing in Santander, going up a total of 11 and 10 places respectively.


In the women's rankings, the talk of the tour right now is Marta Ortega (11) and Ariana Sánchez (12), who have climbed and places respectively. Mari Carmen Villalba (16) and Alba Galán (13) have dropped out of the Master Final slots.

The distance between the number 1 and 2 pairings remains the same as Marta Marrero and Alejandra Salazar and the Sánchez Alayeto sisters both lost in the semifinals. Patty Llaguno and Eli Amatriaín cut down the deficit to the top two pairings and are now 1290 points behind Majo and Mapi.

The biggest climb belongs to Ana Fernández de Ossó and Esther Lasheras, who move up five places. The same amount that Ana Caterina Nogueira has dropped after her first tournament in 2017 alongside Valeria Pavón, who has fallen four places. As always, you can see the complete rankings here:




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