The #WPTLondonExhibition heats up thinking about the October Master

The #WPTLondonExhibition heats up thinking about the October Master

The prelude to what will be the great padel event in the British Isles this 2019 has been to verify that, little by little, World Padel Tour is making a hole in the heart of an audience that is going to enjoy a sport that grows without limits in England. Curious people who came to know something new for them, amateurs, experts and many professionals who already have padel in the United Kingdom. Everyone wanted to enjoy the best players on the planet at the World Padel Tour Exhibition in London.

In the heart of Canary Wharf, in the financial district of London, and at the foot of the Támesis, four of the best players of our circuit (Lucho Capra, Ramiro Moyano, Carolina Navarro and Cecilia Reiter), accompanied by Mauri Andrini, brought the padel a little closer to amateurs who did not want to miss an exhibition that is repeated for the third year in a row and which has its finishing touch with the celebration of the first World Padel Tour tournament in London of History in October: London Padel Master 2019.


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