The World Padel Tour lands in Brussels with a 'Dream Team'

Brussels will enjoy the talent of Mieres, Lamperti, Bela, Lima, Stupaczuk, Cristian, Galán and Mati

The World Padel Tour lands in Brussels with a 'Dream Team'

The World Padel Tour will visit Brussels from the 12th to the 15th of July. The blue court will be set up under the Atomium, one of the city's tourist hot points, for the Brussels Exhibition 2018. Not only will people get the chance to watch the best padel in the world, there will also be giant screens to watch the football World Cup.

The quarter finals will start on Friday at 14:00h where four World Padel Tour pairings will take on Belgian pairings:

-14:00 François Gardier/Guillaume Crasson vs Matías Díaz/ Alejandro Galán

-15:30 Adrien Maigret/Benjamin Tison vs Franco Stupaczuk/ Cristian Gutiérrez

-17:00 Christophe Rochus/Laurent Montoisy vs Miguel Lamperti/Juan Mieres

-18:30 Jérémy Gala/Nick Braet vs Fernando Belasteguin/Pablo Lima

The first semifinals will take place on Saturday at 11:00 and the second at 14:00. During the morning there will be clinics with professional players, in what will be a fun-filled day for everyone. The third and fourth place playoff will be played on Sunday at 11:00 and the final will take place after lunch. The best padel in the world visits one of Europe's main cities in what is another step towards expanding around the continent.

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