The women's padel takes Sweden officially

The Euro Finans Swedish Padel Open 2019 experienced a historic day with the premiere of the final draw

The women's padel takes Sweden officially

An appointment with the history for the female padel dawned today in the facilities of the Vilshärads Padel Club. Ahead, an intense day of the women's final draw in this Euro Finans Swedish Padel Open 2019. For the first time, a women's World Padel Tour event was held in Sweden. 12 places at steak for the round of 16, where the four top seeds of the tournament were already waiting.

The first to set course for the round of sixteen would be Patricia Llaguno and Elisabet Amatriaín. The duo led by Neki Berwig knew how to control Angela Caro and Sara Pujals at all times marking the pace of the clash. A 6-2 in the first set put in route to Murcia and La Rioja even with Amatriáin still not being 100% of the flu process that forced him to leave Valladolid a week ago. In spite of everything, Patty and Eli managed to impose their rhythm in a second chapter that closed with identical score 6-2 after one hour and 32 minutes.

A bitter fight has starred Ana Catarina Nogueira and Paula Josemaría against Virginia Riera and Sofia Araujo. The Spanish Luso duel was settled in favor of Nogueira and Josemaría. A fight marked by parity and long-term points. To the tremendous duel of the drives for the control of the shock, the power of the Portuguese players of backhands was added. The score droppeds in favor of Ana and Paula, a 6-7, 6-4 and 6-2 after two and a half hours of hard battle.

No less disputed was the clash between Carla Mesa and Lorena Alonso against Nuria Rodríguez and Carmen Goenaga. Despite the physical problems in the right thigh that dragged Nuria Rodriguez, the player from San Lúcar de Barrameda showed his integrity by standing up to the last stretch of the game. In the third set the power of Alonso and the quality of Mesa were going to tip the balance in their favor. The score for the Leon and Tenerife players would be 7-5, 2-6 and 6-2 reaching almost two hours and 40 minutes.

One of the star duels of the day came with the signature of Alba Galán and Victoria Iglesias in front of Aránzazu Osoro and Nela Brito. They would be Brito and Osoro the dominators of a matcg in which the wind and the changing conditions became stars of the development of the duel. After the initial push of Galán and Iglesias, it would be the Argentineans who best adapted to the doubtful conditions of the game. A 7-6 in the first set, it sent to Brito and Osoro that would dominate the second sleeve with a 6-2 before being fulfilled the hour and 23 minutes.

One of the fastest passes to the round of 16 would have a Granada accent; Teresa Navarro and Lucía Martínez managed to dominate Sara Ruiz Soto and Ana Fernández de Ossó in the middle of a storm. Despite the short time they have accumulated as a couple, the pair led by Severino Iezzi immediately adapted to the adverse and changing gusts of wind to sign a 6-1 and 6-4 in just over an hour and five minutes of game.

Undoubtedly one of the great attractions for the local audience came with the confrontation between Alicia Blanco Rojo and Beatriz Caldera in front of a Swedish duo like the one formed by Antonette Andersson and Baharak Soleymani. Despite the clear favoritism of the Spanish, the Scandinavian binomial supplied with illusion, power and public support. Blanco and Caldera took the first set 6-4. In the second Andersson and Soleymani punished the doubts of the Valladolid ones with a 5-7. In the third, the resistance of the Swedish barely lasted 4 games, closing the Valladolid duo with a 6-2.

The round of the 16 best pairs in Sweden waits for Anna Cortiles and Jessica Castelló. The team formed by the Tarragona and Alicante players managed to impose Estela Francés and Celeste Paz. After registering the first set by 6-3, in the second Paz and Francés managed to level a match in which it was almost impossible to dominate the lobs. After an exchange more than matched, Castelló and Cortiles resolved in the tie break with a 7-6 that placed them for the second time in the last 16 so far this season.

Oblivious to the elements prevailing on the slopes of the Club Vilshärads Padel, Catalina Tenorio and Beatriz González did not give options in their debut in Sweden to Julia Polo and Noelia Márquez. The Spanish-Argentine couple was able to impose a hellish ball rhythm that left their opponents without options. A resounding 6-3 and 6-1 in less than an hour of the game granted a place in the round of 16 to the player from Paraná and the malagueña, who will seek their place in the quarterfinals against Teresa Navarro and Lucia Martinez.

After theur first quarters of the year as a couple Mari Carmen Villalba and Verónica Virseda fought in front of Alix Collonbom and Nicole Traviesa. After dominating with authority the first set by 6-1, Villalba and Virseda watched how their rivals were able to hold on to the encounter with a 7-5 that sent the game to the third. In a roundtrip of errors conditioned by the gusts of wind, Villalba and Virseda resumed the script of the first set, firmly in the volley and a tight control of the lobs. The French Spanish duo directed by Juan Alday, would end up giving up 6-2 after two hours and 13 minutes of match.

With the prize of the round of 16 for the winning team, face to face Sandra Hernández and Tamara Icardo against Vanesa Alonso and Isabel Domínguez. The first set maintained parity as the dominant note. In fact, a single break in favor of Icardo and Hernandez was a necessary argument to score the first set 7-5. In the second episode, the wind would end up unsettling Galician Dominguez and Alonso on the court, who saw Hernández and Icardo take advantage of the unforced errors to place a 6-1..

With a tremendous atmosphere in the central of the club, Melania Merino and Esther Carnicero put to test the pair invited to the draw that form the former Swedish tennis player Sofia Arvidsson and the young Murcian player Nuria Vivancos. A combination of circumstances that despite the support of a large fan would yield the duel by 6-4 and 6-3 in just over an hour and five minutes. Carnicero and Merino were able to impose their pace and better handle the game in the face of prevailing conditions.

The closing of the day also came with local flavor, with the presence of Carolina Navarro and Cecilia Reiter in front of Marta Talaván and Araceli Martínez. Motivated to compete in her maternal home, Carolina Navarro captained a first set overwhelming with Ceci Reiter to sign a clear 6-1. Matched the duel in the second round Martinez and Talaván, who came to break the serve of Reiter and Navarro forcing an even set final, which resolved Reiter and Navarro 7-5.

This is what the final round of this Eurofinans Swedish Padel Open 2019 looks like:

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