The women's circuit prepares for the biggest season in its history

The best female players on the planet face the course with more presence

The women's circuit prepares for the biggest season in its history

The 2019 season of the World Padel Tour will not only be the most international in the history of professional padel, but will also be the season with the greatest presence and participation of women in its history. 15 tests of the highest level, as well as the opening of new frontiers unprecedented for the players, will be some of the many inducements that this course will bring with the female padel. A new impetus for this circuit that continues to grow in interest, presence, size and dissemination of the hand of World Padel Tour. More rivals, more aspirants, more competition and more spectacle with the signature of the best shovels in the world wielded by women.

_EC19666Alejandra Salazar . Marta Marrero - Finales - Madrid WOpen

Second edition of WOpen

After the success of this pioneering initiative in 2018, with the celebration of the first Open of history exclusively in the female category, the Madrid WOpen 2018. In this new season the tournament is consolidated as part of the official World Padel Tour calendar. For the second edition of this event, which has the players as protagonists, the action will move to Santander. Thus, from October 29 to November 3, will take place the Santander WOpen 2019, the test will be held in the Pavilion of La Albericia and will have the presence of the best female players on the planet. Santander will be the world capital of women's padel during that week. A championship, which will give continuity to an unprecedented initiative in the history of the women's circuit.

Carolina Navarro - Semifinales Swedish Padel Open by Johan Lilja

Interntional expantion

After the success of the Swedish Padel Open 2018, the event will grow in its 2019 edition making room for the women's competition that will for the first time have the chance to compete for an official test in Swedish lands. The town of Bastad will continue to host a tournament that is added to the female calendar this season. The Master of Portugal will be another appointment that will repeat with the presence of the best players in the circuit in their competition. A female calendar, which will also debut at the Paris Challenger 2019, which in its second edition will have participation in both categories. The gradual process of growth of the female padel in the global concert is thus consolidated. The presence of the woman in the exhibition events that one year more will promote World Padel Tour in cities such as London and Brussels will not be lacking either.


Record registration

The growth process is also seen in the number of officially registered couples for the inaugural race, the Beers Victoria Marbella Master 2019. A test that already has the maximum number of binomials planned; 56 female pairs will take part in the first round of a season, an unprecedented event at the beginning of a campaign. Record, which clearly shows that we are facing the toughest, most competitive and safest exercise in the history of this sport.

More tests, more competition, more players and more female padel that never await us in this season 2019, where the protagonists of the World Padel Tour circuit will rewrite unpublished pages of the history of this competition.

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