The tireless Seba Nerone starts a new adventure with José Antonio García Diestro

The Argentine will once again have a left hander by his side in 2018

The tireless Seba Nerone starts a new adventure with José Antonio García Diestro

A veteran and legendary talent of this sport, Sebastián Nerone heads into a new chapter amongst the best players in the world. For this new project, Nerone has looked for a similar player to his last partner, Álex Ruíz. In other words, young, Spanish and left handed, which is exaclty what José Antonio García Diestro is. A new formula with an old objective: to stay at the top of a sport where he's maintained himself for over 20 years.

Seba Nerone ended a two-year partnership with Álex Ruíz in 2017. During their second year together, Nerone and Ruiz struggled to find their strong form from 2016. Still, the players coached by Rodrigo Ovide ended the year by reaching the semifinals of the Zaragoza Open 2017 and the final of the Lisbon Challenger. A total of 1785 points to finish 27th in the rankings. Versatile, intelligent and a feisty competitor, Nerone wants to continue being one of the best.

On his behalf, Jose Antonio Garcia Diestro is on the back of a great 2017, where he completed his second spell with Martín Sánchez Piñeiro. Alongside the player from Coruña, Diestro reached the quarter finals in Andorra, the same round he made in 2016 at the A Coruña Open with Javier Concepcion. A final at a Challenger and three quarter final appearances helped the lefty to end the season 29th with 1567 points. Diestro is a versatile player that can control the tempo of matches. He's still growing as a player and in this new stage of his career he wants to take another step towards the top tier of world padel.

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