The Rebel Generation: The heir's of padel

A wave of artists born from 1995 onwards

The Rebel Generation: The heir's of padel

Since the beginning of time, generations have broken through that have glorified literature, music, art and sport. They've all got something in common: they created a before and after moment in each discipline. A boom which isn't about improving what came before but breaking with the establishment and generating a new style that captivates the masses. One of the most famous sports generations came in the 80s with the 'Jordan Generation'.

Padel is one of the youngest sports in the world. Its pioneers are still active and maintain their ties with the game. Padel became a competitive sport towards the end of the 80s. It's only 30 years old and we've already witnessed three generations.

The first generation (80s)

We enjoyed the talent of Maquirriain and the philosophy of Horacio Álvarez Clementi. In Spain, Javier Arenzana and Juan Fontan dominated, with the Jimenez brothers also at the top end of the game.


Second generation (90s)

This is when the first real boom occured. Roby Gattiker and Alejandro Lasaigues were the kings of a generation full of talent. The speed and intensity of the game cranked up completely and the doors were open on court to give way for more spectacular shots. Mago SanzHernán AugusteMariano LasaiguesWilly Lahoz still active), Pablo Semprun and Alberto Piñón also belonged to this generation.


Third generation (2000s)

We moved into a new century and millennium. This third generation was the most high profile with Fernando Belasteguín and Juan Martín Díaz. They created history together. They're both active and Bela has now been number one for sixteen years. Their matches with Gabi Reca and Seba Nerone were infamous at the start of the century and they were also surrounded by the likes of Cristian Gutiérrez, Matías Díaz, Miguel Lamperti, Marcello Jardim or Juani Mieres. This generation is the core of the current crop of players on the World Padel Tour, including huge talents such as Pablo LimaSanyo Gutiérrez, Maxi Sánchez or Paquito Navarro. The latter are the youngest players in an incredibly talented generation. Despite still being under the age of 30, Paquito Navarro is biggest talent in Spain and one of the first players to have formed himself on a padel court from an early age.

Lisboa pone a prueba el imperio de Juan Martín Díaz y Fernando Belasteguin


The Rebel Generation

Franco Stupaczkuk warned us in November of 2016, at La Rural in Buenos Aires, that he was ready for big things, that a new fourth generation was ready to break through.

We're talking about a generation of players born from 1995 onwards. A pure generation of players that have prepared from a very young age to become professional padel players. Juan Cruz Belluati and Lucho Capra, who are both 25, can't be left out but find themselves between generations.


A great year for padel. Four players born on this year regularly feature in quarter finals: Juan Lebrón, Juan Tello, Lucas Campagnolo and Josete Rico. They turn 23 in 2018 and are taking on the best players on the planet. Lebron is perhaps the standout player from the bunch with his imagination and talent making him a fans' favourite. He's reached a final and knocked out the world number one pairing.


The head of this revolution was born this year: Franco Stupaczuk. The Argentine has achieved great feats, as has another player born on this year, Ale Galán. Galan is another impressive specimen who has made the final rounds on the World Padel Tour, but only Stupa has tasted the success of winning a title on two occasions. Both players will only be 22 by the end of the year.


This is the year of the forehand court players. Lucas Bergamini and Fede Chingotto were born in this year. Two small players in stature that return every single ball and who look up to Sanyo Gutierrez and Mati Diaz.


The ninth of the nine new galactic players is Agustín Tapia. He's caught the hearts of padel fans after the first two tournaments this season. Quick, powerful and precise, he has the mentality to make it all the way to the top.

There are another two players that are worth mentioning. Martín Di Nenno was held back by a severe injury just as he was ready to explode on tour but he's found his feet again and he's now causing trouble alongside 17 year old Javier Garrido. This is the generation of the rebels, the real heirs of the World Padel Tour.



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