The rankings shake up for the last time before the Estrella Damm Master Final

Plenty of movers in the final week of the regular season

The rankings shake up for the last time before the Estrella Damm Master Final

The Estrella de Levante Murcia Open 2018 was the last tournament of the season for the vast majority of players on the World Padel Tour. The tournament of all tournaments, the Estrella Damm Master Final will feature only the best 16 players of 2018. The points from last year's Master have been dropped and those from the most recent Open have been added, leaving things like this:

Men's rankings

At the top, Maxi Sánchez is now joined by Sanyo Gutiérrez on 13,040 points. There are plenty of changes in the top ten with the most significant move being Juan Martín Díaz going up three places to fifth on 6100 points. All of the following have improved one spot: Paquito Navarro (4thAle Galán (6thJuan Mieres and Miguel Lamperti (8th). As for the rankings that grant access to the Master Final, Uri Botello and Javi Ruiz will take part for the first time. The only doubt is whether Fernando Belasteguín will recover in time from his elbow injury to feature. The other biggest climbers of the week are Juan Tello and Federico Chingotto, who after reaching their third semifinals move up 21 and 16 places respectively.

Women's rankings

After thier fifth title of the season, Marta Marrero and Alejandra Salazar achieved a double feat: equalling the amount of titles won by the Sánchez Alayeto sisters (who end 2018 in first place) and recovering second place in the rankings. Marrero and Salazar move up 2 and 3 places respectively to reach third on 9,460 points, as opposed to the 9,090 that Gemma Triay and Lucía Sainz hold. With every place in the Masters defined, Teresa Navarro and Victoria Iglesias complete the lineup with Nela Brito and Aranzazu Osoro acting as alternates. The biggest climber of the week is France's Alix Collombon who made history by becoming the first player from her country to reach the quarter finals and has gone up 10 places to 29th.

You can view the entire rankings here.

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