The Plaza Mayor stages some epic last sixteen clashes [Vídeo]

Tello and Chingotto stun Mieres on his return

The Plaza Mayor stages some epic last sixteen clashes [Vídeo]

Action on the Plaza Mayor started with Pablo Lijó - Willy Lahoz against Adrián Allemandi - Ramiro MoyanoThe match was dominated at the start by Lijo and Lahoz, who won the first three games. However, Moyano and Allemandi started to pick up their game and broke back in the fifth game. Lijo and Muñoz reacted again to break in the seventh game, and went on to win the set 6-3 after over an hour and ten minutes.

In the second set, Moyano and allemandi broke in the second game, but Lijó and Lahoz responded immediately to make it 2-2. Moyano and Allemandi grew in stature and broke again in the seventh game to lead 5-2. The set ended going to Rodrigo Ovide's men 6-3 after almost two hours.

That impulse overlapped into the third set. Another break set them on their way to victory, winning 6-2 after two and a half hours.

The second match on court saw Juani Mieres-Miguel Lamperti take on Juan Tello - Federico ChingottoTello and Chingotto dominated at the start by taking the first three games. With Tello's power and Chingotto's ability to control the tempo, Lamperti and Mieres couldn't find a way into the match and the young Argentines broke once again to win 6-3 after just over 38 minutes.

Juan Tello and Chingotto kept their form up in the second set and they broke early. Mieres clearly felt the effects of having spent six months on the sidelines, and him and Lamperti lost the second set 6-2. The biggest surprise of the last sixteen took less than an hour to complete itself, as Tello and Chingotto march on to the quarter finals for the first time in their careers.

The third match of the day saw Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez make their debut in the event against Toni Bueno and Javier Escalante. Bueno and Escalante took an early advantage after breaking Paquito and Sanyo. That lead disappeared, however, with a counter break in the sixth game. That would be the turning point, as the Andalusian and the Argentine turned it on to win the set 6-4 after 38 minutes.

Escalante and Bueno kept their heads high against the world number twos. They never stopped fighting to try and diminish their opponents' abundant quality. And they were ultimately rewarded when they made the most of Paquito and Sanyo's unforced errors to win the second set tiebreak and force a third set.

In the third set, Sanyo and Paquito reacted to break their opponents in the second game. They knew they had to switch through the gears, and that they did, to win 6-4 after over an hour and a half of play.

The morning session ended with Aday Santana - Álvaro Cepero vs. Gonzalo Díaz - Luciano Capra. Santana and Cepero claimed the first break of the match in the fourth game. With the temperature rising on centre court, Santana connected powerful strokes and Cepero made intelligent decisions around the net. However, Diaz and Capra broke just in time to make it 4-4. The set went to a tiebreak, which Cepero and Santana won.

Diaz and Capra looked to strike back in the second set. Capra dug in deep and Capra started to display his magic to win the second set 6-2. Over ninety minutes had already been played and the match would have to be decided in a third set in extremely hot conditions. There were no breaks until the seventh game, when Cepero played a beautiful shot and Santana polished it off. Godo and Lucho recovered and a tiebreak would decide the winner. A tiebreak in which there were a total of seven match points between one pairing and the other. Two hours and 49 minutes of epic padel ended with Santana and Cepero advancing to the quarter finals. The spectators got onto their feet to applaud the four warriors for their efforts in an unfrogettable match.

The morning ended in spectacular fashion and the remaining last sixteen matches of the Valladolid Open 2017 would be decided in the afternoon.



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