The new rankings are out after the Valladolid Open 2018

Gerard Company and Delfina Brea are the biggest climbers of the week

The new rankings are out after the Valladolid Open 2018

The fifth tournament of the season is history. After the World Padel Tour touched down in Valladolid, the rankings have experienced some important changes, which could well vary again with the upcoming tournament in Valencia. Here are the biggest changes to the men's and women's rankings:

Men's rankings

There are no changes in the top ten but the margins have tightened up after the Valladolid OpenFernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima are now just 435 points above Sanyo Gutiérrez at the top of the rankings. The difference between Paquito Navarro (5th with 8695 points) and Matías Díaz is also closing down after the Argentine won in Valladolid to take his tally to 8430 points. The biggest climber of the week is Gerard Companywho has gone up 12 place from 54th to 42nd. The second biggest climber is his partner, Rubén Riverawho has improved nine spots after reaching the quarter finals. Another quarter finalist, Francisco "Chico" Gomeshas gone up eight places to 39th.

Women's rankings

Although there are no changes in the top ten, things have also tightened up. The number ones, Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayetohave a smaller advantage over Gemma Triay and Lucia Sainzwhich now stands at 1065 points. The fight between Patty Llaguno - Eli Amatriaín (7th on 4640 points) and Marta Ortega - Ariana Sánchez (9th on 4630) is also heating up, with the gap only at 10 points. The biggest climber after the fifth tournament of the season is Delfina Breawho after reaching her first quarter finals alongside Ana Catarina Nogueirahas gone up 8 places from 41st to 33rd. The second biggest climber is Alicia Blanco Rojowho has improved five spots to 42nd.

View the entire rankings here.

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