The morning session of the last sixteen is packed with surprises

Bergamini and Campagnolo reach the quarters of the Estrella Damm Catalunya Master by knocking out Mieres and Lamperti

The morning session of the last sixteen is packed with surprises

The Estrella Damm Catalunya Master Trofeo Adeslas got off to an early start on Thursday as the battle began for a place in the quarter finals. The first match on the schedule at the Palau Olimpic de Badalona brought four fiery young competitors on court:

Lebrón/Belluati vs Tello/Chingotto

Juan Cruz Belluati and Juan Lebrón against Juan Tello and Federico Chingotto. Lebron and Belluati got off to a better start and broke their opponents in the third game. Juan Lebron interpreted the slow conditions well and stepped into the net at every opportunity to cause damage with his volley. Tello and Chingotto switched on and off and they paid for it as they were broken again in the sixth game. An advantage that would be decisive with Severino Iezzi's pupils winning 6-2 in 48 minutes. They were on an upward spiral and continued romping on in the second set. After five games, Lebron and Belluati already had four in the bag, including two breaks. Unforced error after unforced error from Tello and Chingotto prevented them from keeping up the pace. Belluati and Lebron had found the perfect formula to keep the Argentines at bay, which was to not rush their smashes and punish them with their volleys. Despite the Argentines getting a break back, Lebron and Belluati broke right back in the ninth game and won 6-3. After almost an hour and forty minutes, this new pairing was in the quarter finals.

Cepero/Díaz vs Botello/Ruíz

The second match brought together Álvaro Cepero - Gonzalo Díaz and Javier Ruíz - Uri BotelloGodo Diaz and Alvaro Cepero didn't take too long to prove their quality and put Ruiz and Botello in a spot of bother. Two subtle strokes from Godo and deft touch to the fence forced the first break in the third game. With that advantage, the du coached by Carlos Pozzoni suffered a setback as Godo Diaz encoutnered some back problems which required treatment from the physio. After the break, things didn't seem to change too much on court. Diaz and Cepero served to win the first set at 5-4 but Ruiz and Botello responded by breaking and went on to win the set 7-5 after over an hour and six minutes. The Spaniards' confidence grew while their opponents started to show some doubts. Diaz and Cepero's unforced errors crept up. Game after game, break after break, the second set was completely dominated by Botello and Ruiz who won 6-1 in just over an hour.

Campagnolo/Bergamini vs Mieres/Lamperti

Youth and experience came face to face in this particular fight for the quarter finals: Lucas Campagnolo - Lucas Bergamini versus Juan Mieres - Miguel Lamperti. The Brazilians set the tempo at the start with a very high-pace and aggressive padel which seemed to stun Mieres and Lamperti. They were 2-0 up and had three further break points in the third game. Mieres and Lamperti came out unscathed this time and it served as a wake up call as they made it 2-2. Lamperti was struggling to connect his trademark powerful shots, so it was down to Juani Mieres and his volley to pose the biggest threat. The Argentines reaction was cut short by another break from Campagnolo and Bergamini. Another advantage which they didn't manage to hold onto with Mieres and Lamperti breaking back in the next game. A tiebreak was needed to divide the two pairings. Fortune favoured Campagnolo and Bergamini who won 7-6. The power and determination of Campagnolo and the electric speed of Bergamini became a nightmare for the pairing from Bahia Blanca. Mieres and Lamperti strung together winners and unforced errors and in the thenth game the Brazilians managed to knock out one of the top pairings on tour. After two hours and ten minutes it was 6-4 and the first big surprise of the tournament was completed.

Galán/Díaz vs Reca/Poggi

The morning session ended with a hugely attractive match between Alejandro Galán - Matías Díaz and Gaby Reca - Fernando Poggi. A match that started with Diaz and Galan dictating play. A break at the start put them ahead and it seemed as if they had been playing together for years. With a clear game plan and master control from Mati Diaz and devastating precision from Ale Galan, the set ended 6-2 in just 29 minutes. Reca and Poggi didn't throw in the towel and they tried to turn the tide right at the start of the second set. They had two break points in the second game to make it 2-0. They let the opportunity slip and they paid a hefty price for it as Diaz and Galan took the reign and broke in the third on the back of some majestic play from Matias Diaz. Still, the players coached by Mariano Amat were struggling to hold onto their serve. Reca and Poggi didn't take their opportunities and their opponents swept through into the quarter finals of the Estrella Damm Catalunya Master Trofeo Adeslas with a 6-1 scoreline in under an hour. A padel hurricane called Diaz-Galan ended the morning session.



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