The Moment of the 10 Million

The Tik Tok video of the Sao Paulo Open that breaks all viewing records

The Moment of the 10 Million

Did you know that not everything that happens in the World Padel Tour happens in 20x10? In each appointment of the best padel in the world you have to pay attention to every detail and, often, the show is also in the stands. This is what happened at the Sao Paulo Open 2019, in which a rebel ball betrays a spectator. The World Padel Tour SuperSlow camera was there to document it.

Next step: appear on TikTok and become the most viral video in the history of the sport, reaching over 10 million views on the platform that is revolutionizing social networks, and reaching countries like Japan, Vietnam, South Korea , Thailand or Mexico, which accumulate the highest number of views.

You know! Don't miss anything that happens in the Official Tik Tok of the World Padel Tour!


@worldpadeltour??‍♂️ This is a sad story ##WorldPadelTour ##WPT ##Padel ##Sport ##strangerthings♬ Close Encounters - HuntorPrey

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