The "Martas" win the battle again

Marrero and Ortega knock out again Sánchez an Salazar 3-6 / 7-5 / 6-3


Three weeks later, the same scenario (a tournament final), same pairs, the Martas against Ale and Ari, and the same objective: a title. From Marbella, to Logroño. The Palace of Sports of La Rioja prepared to host the rematch between Marta Ortega and Marta Marrero and Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sánchez. The first one was taken by the Martas in the Marbella Master. Today, Ari and Ale, wanted theirs.

The clash started with extreme equality, and none of the pairs managed to impose their game against their rivals. Maximum parity in those early stages of the match, in which the Palace's grandstand enjoyed endless scores. But then the best version of Ariana appeared to take control of the game, control the pace and move steadily through that first set until closing it 3-6 in 54 minutes.

The reaction of the Martes would not be long to come. They ravaged at the start of the second heat and theirs were the first three games. Then Ale y Ari managed to tie the scoreboard. Such was the equality in the second set that they almost reached the tie break. But the Martas ended up forcing the third episode after beating their ex-teammates 7-5 after a very hot last game.

The good run of the Marthas went on at the beginning of the third chapter, and they started at the front of the scoreboard. Although Salazar and Sánchez tried to react, the strength with which the girls of Juan Alday had entered the court was impossible to stop. Marta Marrero and Marta Ortega tamed the final of Marbella after 3 hours and 5 minutes of the match and took their second title of the season.

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