The favourites respond under the blue and white flag

The top five seeds reach the quarter finals in Buenos Aires

The favourites respond under the blue and white flag

The last 16 surviving pairings at the Buenos Aires Padel Master were on the hunt for a place in the quarter finals of the last Master of the year on the World Padel Tour.

Lamperti/Mieres vs Marina/Concepción

An attractive day got underway on centre court with Matías Marina - Javier Concepción versus Miguel Lamperti - Juan MieresThe start of the match was marked by the difficulty both pairings experienced to adapt to the court. This seemed to affect Mieres and Lamperti more, as Marina and Concepcion broke in the fourth game to gain an advantage. Concepcion was devastating in the air and Mati was consistent despite Juani Mieres's attempts to change up the tempo. Despite connecting plenty of unforced errors, Mieres and Lamperti showed their determination to break back in the eighth game. However, at 5-4 down and on serve, the Spanish duo struck to take a decisive break and win 6-4 in almost an hour. Mieres and Lamperti reacted in the second set thanks to their hard work. A break in the fifth game, backed on Mieres's lethal volley, paved the way. But Marina and Concepcion broke back in the sixth game, with the latter in irresistible form with his aerial play. But the Spaniards lost their serve in the following game and the duo from Bahia Blanca ended up winning the set 6-3. Lamperti and Mieres brought out their very best in the third set and took four of the first five games. A big enough advantage to end up winning the set and the match 6-3 with two hours and six minutes on the clock.

Bueno/Díaz vs Jardim/Quiles

The first match on court 2 was between Toni Bueno - Raúl Díaz and Marcello Jardim - Federico QuilesA strong start from Quiles and Jardim gave them a 3-0 lead. The Argentine/Brazilian pairing dominated with relative ease. Marcello Jardim's vibora and control from the forehand court allowed Quiles to bring out his repertoire of shots. A whirlwind of padel that gave Toni Bueno and Raul Diaz no chance in the first set where they lost 6-1. Things didn't change much in the second set where Quiles's volleys continued to hurt Bueno and Diaz, ending in two breaks that all but sentenced the match. The favourites on paper lived up to expectations and won 6-2 to make it to the final eight in La Rural.

Allemandi/Lebrón vs Gutiérrez/Stupaczuk

A high voltage match was expected on centre court as Adrián Allemandi and Juan Lebrón took on Cristian Gutiérrez and Franco StupaczukTwo pairings with an endless variety of attacking weapons and high quality defending. Allemandi and Lebron came out on top of the first set by taking their chances better. A break was enough for them to win 6-3. Cristian and Stupa struggled to settle down but they gradually found a way to get into the match. The players coached by Carlos Pozzoni managed to halt their opponents and came out on top of a tense end to the set thanks to Cristian Gutierrez's delicate touch (7-5). An enthralling and dramatic third set started with Allemandi and Lebron braking. Marcos Arnais's men led 2-0 and kept their lead until the ninth game.That's when Gutierrez and Stupaczuk broke with some trademark shots from the latter. With the tiebreak knocking on the door, another broke left the number four seeds in the quarter finals after winning 7-5.

Botello/Ruiz vs Cepero/Santana

The morning session came to an end on court 2 with the clash between Álvaro Cepero - Aday Santana and Javier Ruiz - Uri BotelloWhat seamingly was an even match ended up being very one sided thanks to a stellar performance from Ruiz and Botello. Not even the changing winds stopped them in their tracks. In just over 27 minutes, Botello and Ruiz had won the first set 6-2. Santana and Cepero couldn't get into the match and were marred by their unforced errors. On the other side of the net, an almost perfect performance continued to take place. Botello's defence was rock solid and got back every shot from Cepero and Santana. Meanwhile, Javier Ruiz showed what he was all about with some devastating shots from the backhand court. Both controlled the net throughout and won 6-2 in 57 minutes to reach their first quarter finals at a Master.

Grabiel/Moyano vs Navarro/Gutiérrez

Centre court welcomed the world number two pairing and two local players from La Plata: Paquito Navarro - Sanyo Gutiérrez vs. Maxi Grabiel - Ramiro Moyano. Ramiro Choya's men got off to a devastating start against a rocky duo. They set out to control the set with a break right at the start of the match. They made it to 4-1 and never looked back, winning the set 6-1 in under half an hour. The second set got off to a more even set. Grabiel and Moyano defended better and held on until 2-2. They couldn't face the Spanish/Argentine duo's ferocious attacks thereafter as they broke Maxi Grabiel's serve and put a foot in the quarter finals at 4-2. They went on to win 6-3. Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutierrez are in the quarter finals.

Lahoz/Lijó vs Di Nenno/Restivo

Meanwhile, on court two there was a fascinating Spanish-Argentine clash. From Spain, Willy Lahoz and Pablo Lijóand from Argentina, Martín Di Nenno and Juan Manuel Restivo. Neither pairing managed to hold onto serve in the first two games. In the fifth game there was another break as Di Nenno and Restivo made it 4-2 after consolidating on serve. But Willy Lahoz's magic came out to play again in the tenth game to level things up and avoid a tiebreak as they won the first set 7-5. It was a tough blow for the Argentine pairing, as Lijo and Lahoz took an early lead in the second set. They extended their lead with a further break and won 6-2. Willy Lahoz and Pablo Lijo make it to the next round.

Tello/Chingotto vs Díaz/Sánchez

All the remaining action would take place on centre court. Mati Díaz and Maxi Sánchez versus Juan Tello and Federico Chingotto was the penultimate clash of the day. The first set started with a very motivated Tello and Chingotto receiving the backing of the local fans who see in them the future of Argentine padel. In front was the experience of Mati and Maxi who broke in the seventh game and, after a couple of counterbreaks, ended up winning the first set 6-4. The second set started with Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello reacting with a quick break. They went toe to toe with Mati and Maxi but the defining moment came at 4-4, where the world number three pairing broke and held on to win 6-4. Mati Diaz and Maxi Sanchez reach the quarter finals.

Bela/Lima vs Nicoletti/Gutiérrez

The last match on centre court at La Rural saw the world number ones, Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima take on Matias Nicoletti and Cristian German Gutierrez. Bela and Lima made sure to start the match focused against a pairing that blended youth with experience. Their opponents held on at the start but there was little they could do in the fifth game, where the Argentine/Brazilian duo opened up an advantage with a break to win 6-3. There wasn't much to write home about in the second set. Bela and Lima were in cruise control towards the quarter finals. An emphatic 6-0 scoreline proved that they mean business in Buenos Aires.

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