The fascinating battle in the rankings will continue in Granada

The end of the season is nearing and the battle for places is heating up

The fascinating battle in the rankings will continue in Granada

There are just four tournaments left in the men's tour before the Master Final and 3 in the women's. With little room for manoeuvre until the end of the season, the battle at the top of the rankings is heating up. After the Vallbanc Andorra Open, there have been some significant changes in the rankings which we sum up below:

Women's rankings

There have been more changes in the women's rankings after the tour stopped off in Andorra. In fact, one of them has taken place in the top ten. After their seventh consecutive title, Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto have opened up the gap over Marta Marrero, who is 3rd on 7990 points, whereas the twins are on 10320 and are within touching distance of finishing the season on top spot. In that part of the rankings, Marta Ortega and Ariana Sánchez are now fourth, as they continue to rise up on 3720 points, overtaking Patty Llaguno and Elisabet Amatriaín. This will allow Sanchez and Ortega to receive a bye in the opening round of the next tournament, starting off in the last sixteen in Granada. The biggest climber in the rankings is Tamara Icardo, who has gone up six places and is now 27th on 957 points.

Men's rankings

There have also been notable changes in the men's rankings, setting up a fascinating end to the season. There are no changes in the top ten, where Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima (13,500) are on top for another week. But their lead has been cut down to 1050 points by their conquerors in Andorra, Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez (12,450). The biggest climber is German Tamame, who's gone up three places to 37th. Martin Sanchez Piñeiro, Jose Antonio Garcia Diestro, Gonzalo Rubio, Juan Manuel Restivo and Toni Bueno have all gone up two places.

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