The 3 Best Recoveries of the Estrella Damm Menorca Open 2021

The WPT players showed their sheer determination to win any point at the Pavelló Menorca

The 3 Best Recoveries of the Estrella Damm Menorca Open 2021

Recoveries like these can get the crowd's adrenaline going like nothing else. A point seems to be over, only for a player's heroic effort to come to the rescue. Last weekend, we saw a lot of Menorca Open recoveries to the delight of the local fans.

Although every game features good saves and recoveries, we narrowed it down to what we think were three of the best.

While Franco Stupaczuk's incredible behind-the-back save did not win him the point, the two saves did provide for a spectacular rally. 'Stupa' and his partner in crime Alejandro Ruiz would end up winning the game as well. They beat Argentinians Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello. Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno would prove too difficult an opponent for Stupa and Ruiz in the semi-final, however, losing in straight sets.

That semi-final saw Paquito Navarro make an incredible recovery to keep the rally alive. Not only that, Paquito himself emphatically finished the point as he smashed the ball out of the park.

One of the two men who would beat Navarro in the final, Alejandro Galán, was forced a long way off the court to save what seemed unsavable. While he lost the point, it shows the lengths and bounds elite players are willing to go.

Here is the full top three of the best Menorca Open recoveries!

Perfect examples of why you should never give up on a point. Even when all seems lost. What was your favourite recovery, and who is the best player at making them?

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