Teresa Navarro will begin the season with Mari Carmen Villalba

They will fight to earn a place among the best couples

Teresa Navarro will begin the season with Mari Carmen Villalba

The loss due to injury of the number one Mapi Sánchez Alayeto for the beginning of the season begins to produce movements in the form of more changes with respect to the configuration of some sports projects. Majo Sánchez Alayeto announced his relationship with the young Delfina Brea during the convalescence of his sister, and we attended a readjustment of duos for the beginning of the season. In principle, Delfina Brea had planned to start the course with Teresa Navarro. Now, the player moves tab to set up a new project with Mari Carmen Villalba.

On the other hand, the player from Málaga also postpones her plans to start this 2019 course with Verónica Virseda, to join forces with Navarro.

Two players of proven experience and quality in the women's circuit get together on the track and they know what it means to play a Estrella Damm Master Final at the end of a campaign. With the configuration of this new pair, Teresa Navarro will return to the reverse position, where she has not played since mid-2017, when she decided to join Victoria Iglesias. Thus the defensive capacity and the order in the track of Villalba, will mix with the handling and the power of Navarro to face face to face the best pairs of the circuit in this beginning of 2019.

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