Tenorio and González take on Patty and Eli in the final of the Villa de San Javier Challenger

Tenorio and González defeat Reiter and Navarro and will fight for the title against Llaguno and Amatriaín

Tenorio and González take on Patty and Eli in the final of the Villa de San Javier Challenger

The Villa de San Javier Challenger 2018 reached its penultimate stage with the semifinals of the women's tournament at the Plaza de España. All four seeds made it this far and battled it out for a spot in the final.

Tenorio/González vs Navarro/Reiter

Getting proceedings underway were the number 2 and 3 seeds, Cata Tenorio - Bea González and Carolina Navarro - Cecilia ReiterThe first set was clearly dominated by Tenorio and Gonzalez, with the Argentine committing very few errors and Gonzalez striking plenty of winners. 6-2 was the score to the duo coached by Manu Martín. In the second set, Reiter and Navarro came back from being 2-0 down. After exchanging up to three breaks, Reiter and Navarro managed to hold onto one of them in the tenth game to win 6-4. The pairing coached by Vanesa Zamora dug deep once again in the third set and saved break points in the opening game before breaking in the second. This put them 3-0 and meant that it was Tenorio and Gonzalez who had to come up with the answers. Reiter and Navarro were finding all kinds of angles and really putting their opponents under the cosh. They went 4-1 up but took their foot slightly off the pedal and a double fault from Cecilia Reiter allowed Tenorio and Gonzalez to recover one of the breaks. "Team C&C" were starting to struggle and Tenorio/Gonzalez sensed it and broke again to go 5-4 up and serve for the match. Despite Reiter and Navarro's attempts, Tenorio and Gonzalez won 6-4 after two hours and 34 minutes.

Iglesias/Navarro vs Llaguno/Amatriaín

The other place in the final would be decided between the number 1 and 4 seeds: Patricia Llaguno - Elisabet Amatriaín and Teresa Navarro - Victoria Iglesias. Iglesias and Navarro adopted a tactic of striking fast and looking to win the point quickly, while Llaguno and Amatriain were happy to work points and turn it into a slogfest. Patty and Eli broke in the third game. The match was advancing slowly and after 36 minutes the score was still 3-2. Llaguno and Amatriain struck again in the seventh game, a break that came as a result of their patience. The first set was theirs, 6-2. A break in the first game of the second set put Patty and Eli in control again. Iglesias and Navarro couldn't reduce their unforced errors and that's a huge price to pay against such a solid duo. They were broken again in the fifth game (4-1) and the first match point came at 5-2 but Iglesias and Navarro prolonged the match. Llaguno and Amatriain didn't let their second chance slip away and they won 6-4 after two hours and fifty minutes.

The women's final of the Villa de San Javier Challenger 2018 is ready to go on Sunday at 10:00h.

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