Tapia becomes youngest player to win 10 World Padel Tour titles

Tapia becomes youngest player to win 10 World Padel Tour titles

After winning the Estrella Damm Valencia Open 2022Agustín Tapia has become the youngest player to reach ten World Padel Tour titles.

The Argentinian is still only 22 years old, comfortably breaking the record previously held by Ariana Sánchez.

Nicknamed The Mozart of Catamarca, Tapia has rapidly become one of the most popular players in the Circuit, always providing spectacle for the people in the stands.

Below, we analyse Tapia's ten titles and look at the other youngest players who have already made it to ten!

Tapia's Ten broken down

2019 was the season Tapia announced himself on the biggest stage in World Padel Tour. As a teenager, he reached his first-ever semi-finals with the now-retired Nacho Gadea.

Later that season, Tapia teamed up with his fellow countryman Fernando Belasteguín. At 20 years old, the man from Catamarca won his first title at the Madrid Master, becoming the youngest male player to win a title at the time (it has since been broken by Arturo Coello).

In 2020, Tapia and Bela would win two more titles, including the Master Final, making Tapia the youngest player to win the yearly event at 21 years old.

Pablo Lima partnered up with Tapia for 2021, but despite winning back-to-back titles in Las Rozas and Málaga, the South Americans would split following the Lugo Open. Why? Because Sanyo Gutiérrez came calling.

With his fellow Argentine Gutiérrez, Tapia hit the ground running. They won their third event together, the Malmö Padel Open, and reached three finals in 2021.

Showing incredible consistency as a partnership, Gutiérrez and Tapia have made the semi-finals in all 11 event in 2022 at time of writing. They have won all four finals they have played in - most recently, the Estrella Damm Valencia Open 2022.

Not even halfway through the 2022 campaign, it is already Tapia's most successful season of his career. Touted by many as a future number one of the world, only time will tell if the Argentinians can challenge Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán at the top.

Youngest players in double digits

As previously mentioned, the record for youngest player with ten titles was previously held by Ariana Sánchez, who was 23 years and eight months old when hitting double digits.

Two-time reigning number one Alejandro Galán was the youngest player in the men's to reach ten titles at the age of 24. Tapia, at 22 years and 11 months old, has comfortably beaten the record.

Tapia is the ninth man to reach ten titles and the 18th player overall. He is also the male player with most titles without ever being number ones of the world.

Could this change? All we know is the future looks awfully bright for Agustín Tapia.

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